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POLITIKWhy Are Chinese Keeping Themselves Away From PR?

Why Are Chinese Keeping Themselves Away From PR?

With the General Election coming closer and closer, political parties in Malaysia are working a lot harder than usual. Even though no one really know the exact date, but from the behavior of these politicians, it seems like it would begin even tomorrow.

Pakatan Rakyat, as a party who does not need to be responsible on just about everything has now began their campaigns although they actually have been doing it around the clock. PR is trying their best to convince their supporters that they could win this time around. They even speculated that they should have won big before this, if the elections were just and clean.

Many were fooled with the dirty election propaganda which was brought by PR, including the Chinese who previously do not really care about street politics. The Chinese usually focuses on politics that could strenghten the economic status of their race. But, due to constant lies, many Chinese were fooled with the opposition’s strategy in which they try to tarnish the government’s image and that now they are starting to believe that the situation of Malaysian electoral system is in a dirty condition.

Most of them had made Malaysiakini and other Chinese newspapers as their reference and they would not accept any explanations made by the EC nor the government. From there, they are providing full support towards the efforts in ‘cleaning up’ election system via BERSIH.

Without them realizing, they have been used by the opposition to sabotage the country, thus, to themselves. They then decided to follow Ambiga even though they knew that the government had offered a stadium for them to hold a peaceful demonstration. The government had tried to put a sense in them by providing explanations that BERSIH 3.0 is not necessary, but they simply do not believe any of that.

Until Anwar ordered BERSIH 3.0 participants to start causing riot, then the Chinese suddenly stood in silence. At that moment, most of them decided to go home with rage because BERSIH had been taken over by the opposition. All of the things that the government had explained to them were true.

The Chinese might be smart in business, but that does not mean that they are smart in everything. Whether they realize this or not, their race can be easily influenced by those with interest by using the subject of racism which the they have in order to destroy their own country.

In the context of our country, the Chinese are told to believe that the government do not really care about them. They are also taught to deny all of the chances that are given to their race and the ability to practice their own language and culture in different schools, as a proof that the government really care. They are told to make selfish demands which does not translate unity and national interest. All of those, for the purpose of weakening the country’s structure so that it would make it easier for our enemies to infiltrate this country.

That is why, whenever anyone mentions about the government, EC, MACC or even the police, the Chinese would translate it as ‘Malay’. That is why they really hate Malays, they simply cannot see any good in Malays. They became blind, and they decides to believe every single bad things that are said about the Malays without even considering any other factors.

So, it is not surprising if they still believe that this country is not clean, only because people told them so. When the government or the EC provide facts and figures to deny those claims, they would not accept any of it. Instead, they would believe every single thing that are ‘fed’ by others who wants to tarnish the government and EC’s image, even if those’ fact and figures’ do not even make sense.

It is hard to make them realize that they are in the wrong direction, but that is how Malaysian Chinese are today – they are prejudice towards the government and anything that has the word Malay in it.

But, it seems that BERSIH 3.0 had given them a blow. now, most of them are starting to realize that BERSIH is only the opposition’s tool to gain power from the streets. Due to that, most of them are keeping themselves away from PR and chooses to be undecided.

However, the Chinese are still too arrogant to admit that BN government, under the leadership of the Malays are not as bad as how PR have been telling them. In average, it seems that the Chinese are still keeping their race and political stand. They still could not accept the fact that the success of their race in Malaysia is assisted by the leadership of Malays in UMNO-BN.

It seems that the Chinese still could not fathom that without our leadership, they might have not gotten to where they are now.

As for now, they had taken the best measure which is to get away from PR, but they need to realize that it would only be better of they stick with BN.



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