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Why Chinese Do Not Trust Anwar?

Chinese is said as a race that is practical, not emotional in living their lives, For them, practicality is seen from the angle of economical gain within long period of time. They are patient, hardworking and always focused in working towards their dreams.

In Deciding on which government should rule the country is also decided by the same way by Chinese. They would move as a group so that their race would gain maximum benefit.

Barisan Nasional has been the best choice among Chinese for a very long time because they are convinced that the party could provide the best surrounding and landscape for them to develop. Even though there are a few Chinese extremists who tried to mock BN’s capabilities and that they would tell other Chinese to hate BN by raising issues such as Bumiputera rights, no one in this world could deny the fact that Malaysian Chinese are among the ones who never really have as much conflicts as other Chinese in the world, under the rule of BN.

Chinese schools, which was then opened as preparation for Chinese to go back to their homeland after gaining profit in this country. But, majority of them decided to stay here, to become loyal citizens because they knew that Perikatan party back then, BN today, would always support them.

But, the support among Chinese towards BN is inclining these days where BN simply could not do anything to restore the issue.

However, this does not mean that they are supporting Pakatan Rakyat. Perhaps they made the wrong decision in 2008 because they fell for empty promises made by Anwar Ibrahim and probably other factors, but like what has been mentioned above, the Chinese do not function emotionally, but they run on practicality.

Recently, Anwar has been getting negative responses by the Chinese when he raised the idea to abolish PTPTN which would harm students, including Chinese students which majority of them chooses to go to private universities which are very expensive.

Then, Anwar once again ‘screwed’ the Chinese when he decided to ‘take over’ Bersih 3.0 Assembly and showing his true colors as a rebel who loves chaos. Obviously, Chinese do not want chaos because that would ruin their business.

So, these two incidents are the starting point for Chinese to look back in history in justifying who should they vote this time around. History never lies and it had shown who Anwar really is. After reading the history on Anwar, many Chinese youth have realized that they should live in reality and not keep on hoping that Pakatan Rakyat would provide them the equality that they want.

Anwar Ibrahim is a man with various personalities, if not, he would not be described as a ‘charmeleon’ by wetern medias. According to a book, The ‘I’ Files, at one time, Anwar was a fanatic Muslim who wanted to build ‘the perfect’ Islamic nation such as Iran. But for Anwarm Chinese are threat to Islam. It went up to a point where there writer of the book, Hasan Ali was unable to beat Anwar’s ‘dreams’ back then!

The reveal can be proven with Anwar’s attitude and actions when he was the Minister of Education back in 1986-1990. He began to appoint School Principles who has no Chinese education background at all in Chinese schools. Anwar also has never defended Chinese schools and he is the person who was really active in bringing the spirit of nationalism like Indonesia where racial identities are vanished to form a single race.

Only in 1996, BN amended Education Act 1961 Section 21(2) to withdraw the authority of the Minister of Education to change the status of Chinese schools to regular sekolah kebangsaan after getting objections from DAP and Dong Jiao Zong.

Other than Anwar’s stand on the status of Malaysian Chinese which is unpredictable because it changes from time to time, depending on the politics and his self interest, the Chinese also thinks that Anwar might not be qualified enough to run the economy.

When Anwar became the Finance Minister, right at the time where he was a few years away from being sacked, 1997/98, the country had a terrible economic attack. Anwar’s ability as Finance Minister was challenged, and he failed, terribly.

Running out of ideas, Anwar took and easy way out, following whatever IMF said. The interest on loan that is known as was drastically raised had caused trouble to businesses as they fail to pay back all the loans and banks were burdened with ‘Non-Performing-Loan’ (NPL). The effect of that, Malaysian economy almost came to a halt when businesses came to a close, banks suffering tons of losses and people losing their jobs that people could not afford to buy things.

Malaysia was lucky as the country was saved by Y.Bhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who took an unpopular measure and took every single insult to save the country which was almost bankrupt. His actions had brought BN to a huge success during the 1999GE when Chinese put their hopes to Barisan Nasional, moving away from the opposition, Barisan Alternatif which was led by Anwar Ibrahim.

Thus, we believe that the Chinese are wise enough to learn from history and that they are not easily influenced by emotions due to messages spread by extremists, chauvinist, racist and those who have their own personal interest. All these while, this country managed to stood up high because of the Constitution which also considered the balance of economic structure among races in Malaysia and not just about equality for everyone.

Such formula is the key for the harmony, strength and peace of the country. So, every race should protect the constitution so that the country would continuously develop.

At the same time, we did see how everything that Anwar said is just mere illusion, dream and fantasy of a man that is crazy for power. There is a huge probability that Anwar do not know himself.

That is why the best move for rakyat is BN where everything is moderate and consistent with their stand.

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