Why Is PKR Still Keeping Azmin? #pakdin.my

Investigations conducted by the ACA also proved that Azmin has two vehicles, a BMW with registration number BBN 3 costing RM160,529.85.81 where the deposit of RM120,529 was paid plus installments of RM875 per month. The second car, a Proton with registration number WDU 64, is worth RM80,767.81 with monthly installments of RM700. If we look at the monthly commitments for both the cars it is about RM1,700. At that time, RM1,700 was a lot where the salary of the Deputy Prime Minister’s private secretary is only RM2,000 plus. http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/49609-macc-deep-throat-comes-out-of-the-closet

Up to this moment, the name of Azmin Ali is often discussed among Malaysians when it comes to the topic of this country’s politics. From his ice-cream issue, him cheating his wife. betraying his mother until the reveal on illogical ownership of property when he was Anwar’s Personal Secretary in 1995 made by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

PKR supporters are beginning to play this theory saying that it is a personal attack to divert rakyat’s attention from cases that are surrounding Azmin right now. This is PKR’s usual tactic if they ever find loophole among their leaders. Lets take the example of Anwar;s case in having sex with the Chinese prostitute. Instead of focusing on Anwar, the questioned other things such as hair, stomach etc.

Writer personally do not care about Azmin’s issues because writer is already aware that Azmin is never clean, he and Anwar really had fun misusing their powers in the Finance Ministry back then that it had scratched BN’s name up until today.

What writer would like to question here is that with all the talks going around, why didn’t PKR take any action against Azmin? If they need documents, it is there. Picture? It’s there, Video, we might have to wait for that. Even if they do not want to sack him, they least they should do is to suspend him until the investigation is over.

How can PKR be fair to rakyat if even now, mistakes that are made by certain people (those who are close with Anwar) roam free and they simply create conspiracy theories to deny every one of the claims made?

This is just about Azmin, we are not even talking about Anwar. Anwar is another thing because PKR is Anwar and Anwar is PKR, that is why it is not surprising with the fact that PKR would defend Anwar every time he is involved in any scandal. He is not as same as Azmin because Azmin only has certain leaders to support him.

If this is how things go, rakyat has a huge obligation to object PKR and its allies in Pakatan Rakyat. Their cronyism and nepotism behavior is too obvious especially among PKR and DAP that it is ridiculous. Imagine how it would be if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister and Azmin commits crime. Do you think Azmin would be charged? Considering to what is happening now.

Writer is certain that no actions will be taken against him. Instead, Azmin, or anyone who is part of Anwar’s inner circle can simply roam free after they have committed their crimes. And when they are in power, every single government agencies and ministries will be in their hands.

Only rakyat have the power to change all this from happening.