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Why Won’t Mr. And Mrs. Azmin Declare Their Asset?

Since Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) revealed upon some secret documents, the result on investigations done by the Anti-Corruption Agency (BPR) regarding a corruption case which involves Azmin back in 1995, writer had only seen a little response that came from Azmin in defending himself. Even then, we can argue that he barely said anything because up until now, the only thing that has been defending him are messages from his Twitter account.

Either that was him or some other people Tweeting for him, we do not know that.

But what is more obvious is that Azmin once again had chosen the harder path to show that he is guilty. In matters as this, Azmin and Shamsidar could declare their assets to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), if it is true that he did not hide any ‘remarkable income’ from rakyat.

Why is it so hard to declare their asset? Making responses via Twitter do not solve the issue. Rakyat would need to know whether it is true or not.

Even writer is confused on why would Azmin take the harder path to clean up his image when there are easier ways to settle this.

This is just as same as the case where he rebelled against his own mother. Why is it so hard to just go to her, give her a big hug and take a few pictures, that might have probably solve the matter. Even if the issue might not really be solved among his own family members, at least their relationship would not be speculated any further.

But up until now, Azmin still fail to do any of that, even though his house and his mother’s is not that far. Azmin is even the MP of the area, he should, at least, go around the place once a month to settle issues among rakyat. He could have taken the chance to make up with his mother, but nothing happened.

Or, he has never gone around the area, not fulfilling his responsibility as an MP?

Someone did told writer that Azmin is an arrogant man. He thinks that he is so strong especially when he was appointed as PKR’s Vice President during the chaotic 2010 National election. Perhaps his arrogance went overboard where he is starting to think that he is above the law?

For regular men like us who has never commit any crime, it would be quite horrifying for us to know if someone has a huge pile of evidence showing the footprints of our crime. But Azmin is different, he do not seem to be too relaxed, but he looks too confident, as if none of the evidence could link him to the corruption and abuse of power case, no matter how concrete the evidences are.

This is what is happening to Azmin now.

But Azmin is wrong, he thinks that he is one of those untouchables. If Anwar holds a high position like he did back then, probably he would be an untouchable. But things have changed. People are sick of hearing dozens of charges that involves misuse of power and corruption that involves Azmin – more to that, when would he provide answers for each of those charges.

 RPK : Dokumen Buktikan Azmin Korup !

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