Window Upgrade Offer: Obtain Upgrade To Windows 8 For Less Than RM 50

As you might be able to recall from our Windows 8 Release Preview post just now, Microsoft has announced a new program that will allow consumers that purchased Windows 7-based PC from 2nd June 2012 to 31st January 2013 to obtain Windows 8 Professional at a hugely discounted price of RM 48 (USD 14.99). A full blown Windows 8 Professional for less than RM 50 sounds like a good deal, right?

Well, check this out – Malaysia is actually part of the 131 countries throughout the world that are involved in the Windows Upgrade  Offer program. In order to participate in the program, all users got to do is just register themselves over at with all the required details over at the program’s official website. Once verified by Microsoft, they will then receive the instructions on how to purchase and download Windows 8 Professional using a promotional code when Windows 8 hits the market later on.

For those who prefer to have a physical disc instead, you can obtain it from Microsoft as well but of course, there will additional cost to it. There are still a lot more details that you might need to check out before diving into the program, so head on to for further details.