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GAYA HIDUPWindows Phone 8 Marketplace: Malaysia Is Part of The List

Windows Phone 8 Marketplace: Malaysia Is Part of The List

While we have to wait for almost two years before the Windows Phone Marketplace was officially available here in Malaysia, things will be different when Windows Phone 8 comes into the market later this year. Microsoft – through Windows Phone Developer Blog – has assured that Malaysia and 179 other countries will be able to access the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace right from day one.

Since Windows Phone 8 will come with in-app purchase capability that will allow consumers to purchase contents within an app by itself, Malaysian developers will be given the access to App Hub in order to allow them to submit their apps as well as manage in-app commerce. Not enough with that, developers everywhere will also able to tap into enterprise market through the opportunity that the new Company Hub in Windows Phone 8 might be able to provide.

Even though what we have mentioned above seemed to be very developers-centric, the main point here is that Malaysian consumers are able to obtain their apps via the comfort of localized Windows Phone 8 Marketplace as soon as Windows Phone 8 hits the market. That being said, we still want to see Microsoft do the same thing for other Windows Phone contents that are still not officially accessible in Malaysia such as Xbox Live and Zune Music Pass.

[Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog]



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