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Zahid Should Sue Malaysiakini:


1.      We are wondering whether an English news report by Malaysiakini titled “With Criminals, We Shoot First, Admits Home Minister” is a declaration of war by the news portal against Dato’ Seri Zahid Hamidi?

2.     It was written in the report thet “Zahid Hamidi indicated in a speech that it was best to shoot first and ask questions later”.

3.      To enforce their story, Malaysiakini published a link of the video that shows Zahid Hamidi making the statement.

What’s weird is that the video cannot be watched at all. The link was practically non-existence.

It is weirder that when in the same news portal, it shows the real transcript of the Minister saying “If we have evidence, we will shoot”. This particular statement is also the title of the same report in Bahasa Malaysia.

It seems that, Malaysiakini is inviting Zahid to a shootout.

The dirty game made by Malaysiakini is not that surprising to us. Why does this portal have to put a different translation in the same report is not that surprising.

Majority of the readers in the English article are not Malays. They are an easy target for the opposition to persuade them in hating the government. However, the Malay version of the article has been sugar coated as to appeal to the police where many of them are Malays.

That is not the question. The main reason for this particular act by Malaysiakini is to convey a message to the public in order to defame the Home Minister.

This is because in the first sentence “Shoot first, Ask Later” and the second sentence “we have proof, and then we shoot”, is totally different in meaning. The first sentence was used by Malaysiakini to summarize the statement made by the Home Minister, shows that the portal wants to potray Zahid Hamidi as a ruthless minister and he is above the law. 

However, the second sentence, the real transcript of the statement made by Zahid proves otherwise. In this sentence, the statement made to ensure that the police will only take action if there is ample evidence.

The fact of the matter is, Zahid Hamidi is not a cruel minister, and he is indeed strict. The cruel ones is for those who supports the criminals, like Malaysiakini for example.

Zahid Hamidi’s strict demeanour has made Malaysiakini loses their focus. Just because Zahid’s action of telling the reporter of the portal to stop spinning issues, then the portal wants to take revenge in twisting Zahid Hamidi’s statement in order to ruin his image.

However, there are a lot of people who will believe that Malaysiakini’s report on the statement made by Zahid. Malaysiakini is nothing more than a bunch of political thugs and the ultime cyber bully of all time. They are slamming Zahid while the rakyat is cheering for the Home Minister.

Because Malaysiakini did not learn their lessons, we would like to suggest to Zahid to take this matter to the court of law. What we can learn from this particular incident that Malaysiakini reporter has the same mentality of the DAP that they are not afraid to lie, and cover the first lie with another lie.

To ensure that they’ve learned their lessons, it is good for them to be sued so that they cannot make any more statement defaming any ministers or the government.

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