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Lim Kit Siang made a blog posting today that is so full of shit. He pretends he is a victim of lies and slander when in actual fact this is how he and DAP have been playing politics for so long: by lying. Kit Siang is not as innocent as he pretends to be. He is actually the biggest culprit of spreading lies.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Lim Kit Siang wrote a very long and rambling 2,500-word blog posting today titled “Who is Najib’s Goebbels? Is he prepared to emerge from the darkness and come into the light to identify himself and explain why he is masterminding so many “fake news” and “false stories” about critics and the Opposition?” (READ HERE)

Kit Siang, I have only one word for you, and that word is lanchau!

You went on and on bitching and lamenting about how you are an innocent victim of slander, false news, lies, and so on, when you and your team of Red Bean Army (RBA) have been doing this for almost ten years since 2007. Is this not how your DAP RBA operate, by spreading innuendoes, misinformation, false news, lies, distorted truths and so on?

Take your Tony Pua as one example. You mean you do not know that he is spinning and spreading misinformation since 2015 regarding 1MDB? And you mean you do not know he is abusing his position as a member of the PAC to do this? Of course people will believe what Tony is saying since he is a member of the PAC. He can show us a white sheet of paper and say it is black and people will believe him. That is not because Tony is clever. It is because people are stupid.

Tony Pua has a PhD in Misinformation Technology

If you are so concerned about the truth and about eradicating lies and false news why not you first of all show us a good example by taking the lead. Take my case, for example. I have been a victim of your DAP RBA for more than six years since late-2010 when I first mooted the idea of MCLM and after I whacked Pakatan Rakyat regarding its unfulfilled election promises during a meeting in London with Anwar Ibrahim, Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim and Tian Chua.

You listed down the alleged lies against you in your blog posting today. Well, let me also list down the lies your DAP RBA has been spinning and spreading about me as well.

Lie number 1: You say my son was jailed so I made a deal with Umno to get my son out of jail.

No, my son was not jailed. He was under remand awaiting trial because I refused to post bail and told him to fight his own battles and to not expect me to fight for him. All my children fight their own battles (both my daughters included). Try messing with Raja Sara and see what will happen to you.

J. Chandra and Amarjit Sidhu contacted me and asked to act as my son’s lawyer and I said that has nothing to do with me and it is their decision not mine. They acted as my son’s lawyer anyway and got him discharged without his defence being called. In short, the judge ruled that there was no case against my son.

Lim Kit Siang has his team of liars called the Red Bean Army

Lie number 2: You say I have turned and now support Umno.

I started supporting PAS since 1977 when I first met Abdul Hadi Awang in his home in Terengganu and today, 40 years later, I still support PAS. In 1982 I went to Mekah and Medina and spent a lot of time there with Hadi, the late Ustaz Fadzil Noor, Mustafa Ali and a few other PAS leaders from Terengganu. So I have never turned from PAS in 40 years, contrary to what you are saying.

In 2010, your DAP Johor people (who used to translate all my articles into Chinese) contacted me and told me that they have been told by DAP HQ to not support MCLM. The DAP Johor people were actually quite upset because, according to them, they thought that MCLM was a good idea.

I told Haris Ibrahim a.k.a. Sam about it and he went to Penang twice to meet Lim Guan Eng. Both times Guan Eng said that DAP cannot touch us with a ten-foot pole unless Anwar Ibrahim okays it. Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, then in PAS, phoned me and had a long conversation with me. Basically he wanted to know what MCLM was all about and what our motives were.

After speaking at length, Dr Zul asked me to speak to Anwar and if Anwar okays it then PAS would have no problems working with us. So the message from PAS was the same as the message from DAP. Speak to Anwar and if Anwar says yes then Pakatan Rakyat would work with us or else we are to be treated as an enemy.

And what was Anwar’s word on that? Anwar’s word was that MCLM is to be regarded as a competitor and a movement that is not in the interest of the opposition. In short, Pakatan Rakyat rejected MCLM and regarded us as an enemy.

So tell me, Kit Siang, did I turn from Pakatan or did Pakatan turn from me? You divorce your wife and then you tell the whole world that your wife ran away from you. What do you expect me to say to that, Kit Siang, other than lanchau?

Lim Kit Siang is worried that his deal with Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now public knowledge

Lie number 3: You say I did a u-turn on my June 2008 SD.

This is the biggest lie of all. In the first place I never made any allegation against Rosmah Mansor, as you and your people allege. So, if I never made any allegation against someone, how can I withdraw that allegation? You first need to allege before you can retract or back-paddle on what you said.

Nevertheless, until today your DAP RBA still insists that I did make an allegation against Rosmah and now have done a u-turn and signed a second SD contradicting that first SD. That is a bloody lie and you know it. There is no second SD. Yet you and your DAP RBA continue spreading that lie.

Kit Siang, you are not as innocent as you pretend to be. You are no victim. You are an aggressor and a big one at that too. You and your DAP RBA lie and lie and never stop lying.


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