Anwar Trains Pluralism Guerrilla In Indonesia?

Perhaps many do not realize the existence of this small newspaper, ‘Malaysia Harini’, but the frontpage of the newspaper for the issue of June 11-25, 2012 needs to be given attention.

The story in its frontpage entitled ‘Utan Kayu markas lahir gerila anwar?’ (Utan Kayu is The Headquarter Of Anwar’s Guerilla?) revealed how students are trained to get into the public sector as spies to gain information. They are also responsible in spreading liberalism and pluralism among the society. Their main objective at the headquarter is to bring down the government and all of their understandings.

According to the newspaper, Anwar had recruited many of our young generation, especially students, are sent to Utan Kayu to undergo its trainings.

In short, liberal understanding, seen as openness in putting human rights, which is human lust and want as something that is far more important that culture, religion or even the nature of things. In certain matter, they also use their ‘rights’ to go against majority by organizing demonstration and riots.

Pluralism in the other hand, refers to the belief that all religion are at the same status. So, Muslims, for example, can say their prayers just about anywhere even if it is in a temple or the church. Besides that, everyone can refer their prayers to Allah S.W.T or even to Jesus or others.

The Utan Kayu Komunitas is led by Tempo’s newspaper writer, Goenawan Mohamad, Suara Pembaharuan newspaper writer, Ristides Katoppo, LIPI Observer, Moehtar Pabottinggi, Radio Mara’s Senior Journalist, Mohamad Sunjaya, UGM’s Communications Officer, Ashadi Siregar and a few other reporters in Indonesia.

Press freedom that rises right after the fall of President Seoharto had open an open road for this group to go active. It makes it easier for them to omre around in politics, the leader of Komunitas Utan Kayu had formed an institute known as Institut Studi Arus Informasi (ISAI) where they are responsible in publishing political books which expands the network of alternative journalists.

Just like any other liberal agents in Malaysia such as Malaysiakini, SUARAM and a whole load of others where they are sponsored by NED and NDI, a complex connection under CIA, Tempo magazine also received aid from The Asia Foundation from the same network. Through the same fund, that is how Goenawan managed to establish Komunitas Utan Kayu and Komunitas Salihara, a Liberal Islamic and LGBT Centre, which Anwar was invited to give a special speech.

The founder of The Asia Foundation for the South East Asia region is Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, a former Thailand Foreign Minister who is also Anwar’s friend.

Surin graduated from Harvard, the first Thailand Muslim who is pro neo-con that he was given a Fellowship from the The Rockeffeler Fellowship Program, The Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University and American University, Cairo. The role of The Asia Foundation is to sponsor islamic understanding which is pro-West or liberal.

Other than Anwar giving the speech at Komunitas Salihara, Goenawan also invited Aminah Wadud, a liberal Muslim who leads Friday prayers in America to give a speech there. Perhaps many have forgotten that when Anwar was the the President of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM), he did appoint Aminah Wadud as one of the lecturers of the university from 1989 – 1993.

Few others who were invited to Komunitas Salihara would be Musdah Mulia, a Liberal Muslim who is actively supporting LGBT.

Besides Komunitas Salihara, Goenawan also fights for LGBT through Lontar Foundation and Tifa Foundation.

The similarities between Aminah Wadud, Musdah Mulia, Goenawan and Anwar Ibrahim would be the fact that they are few Muslims who are praised by the West as they fight for freedom, human rights and a few other things.

For raising up controversies among Muslims, Aminah Wadud received the Danish Democracy Prize. Musdah Mulia received the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award for defending LGBT. Anwar is given a few high position in a few organization in the network of Neo-con and Goenawan received the Dan David Prize from Tel Aviv University, Israel. Even Israel’s newspaper, Haaretsz also reported that he was given USD250,000 for the award.

The fact is, such prizes and award that were given to them are all due to such destruction that they had made to Muslims.

In Malaysia, few of those who received that kind of award from West include Ambiga Sreevanesan for her fight for LGBT.

Thus, if any readers out there still have doubt on the fact that there are organizations who want to break Islam, they should look upon the Quran which stated “And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion” (al Baqarah verse 120).

Allah do not lie. The truth from Quran is now right in front of our eyes. Perhaps Malaysian student are easily influenced to hate and cause riot without any reason. They should evaluate matters first before they ruin themselves and their society.

The government should not take this matter lightly. We hope that the government would take action against these neo-con agents in our country.