Anwar Is Scared Of PM’s @NajibRazak Hardwork

When there was a proposal saying that the government is expected to provide RM1.5 million for each of Barisan Nasional’s DUN, Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim was shocked and snapped.

The extra budget that involves about RM200 million was described by Anwar as a desperate measure done by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The reason why the budget is made is so that BN’s representatives could implement various projects and development programs for their own DUN.

This is not a fund for the election campaign or even those MPs’ self interest because each of the applications would need to undergo tights procedures, all through their respective district offices.

Each time the government provides help. the opposition would often say that it has something to do with political motives.

As if nothing can be done by the government to rakyat, without getting insults from the opposition.

Anwar is also in shock when the government is considering to continue the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) for the second time.

In the first round of BR1M, the government managed to channel through RM500 to each families who are qualified to receive the help which involves almost a million families arounf the country with the budget of RM2.6 billion.

The government is considering for the second BR1M because they think that there are still more families out there who need help.

With the world economic crisis going on which somewhat affected Malaysia a little, as a responsible government, rakyat’s welfare need to be taken care of.

This is the effort that is being done by the Prime Minister where he had implemented various programs and policies which puts rakyat first.

Anwar then decides to make harsh insults to cover his failure as Opposition Leader and Selangor’s Economic Advisor.

What is even more sad is the fact that his status as a former Finance Minister who is ‘experienced’ did not even get any credit from the Chief Minister, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Even though the Chief Minister position is controlled by PKR, but all of Anwar’s proposals regarding Selangor’s economy were all rejected by Abdul Khalid.

The prove, not even a single development program in Selangor can be linked to ideas that are proposed by Anwar.

We can even say that Anwar do not bring any development or positiove changes towards people of Selangor.

He goes around the country screaming that he would bring down the price of petrol once they win Putrajaya.

If this is what he wants, what is wrong with the move in providing cheaper fuel price for the state?

At least that would be able to convince rakyat that the opposition really hold on to their promise.

As for the issue of PTPTN, when the government decided to free the application for Unisel students, the Chief Minister then made this harsh decision in wanting to sell the state government’s asset to fill up students’ fund.

In a way, the opposition only knows how to make empty promises where they would fail to fulfil any of them by the end of the day.

For example, when the government warned them that Selangor might be facing a serious water crisis by 2014, the opposition simply ignored the warning.

The opposition then chooses to gamble rakyat’s fate and the future of the state’s economic development by politicizing the issue of Langat 2 project in channelling water from Sungai Pahang to Selangor.

The opposition would rather see people of Selangor suffer than working alongside the government to find the solution.

Anwar and his gang can only scream and influence rakyat to hate their government because in reality, they do not know how to contribute to rakyat.

In a way, the opposition is like an empty can, they make more sound, but nothing is really inside of it.