Thursday, February 22, 2024

#AutaDAP : Lim Guan Eng’s twisted tongue-

Lim Guan Eng does it again. He lied right to the faces of the rakyat.

Earlier this month, Lim Guan Eng was reported saying that Penang BN’s bluff over the free port promise. He demands the Penang BN to apologize for dangling the promise of restoring the island’s free port status saying that the PM had shot down the proposal.

Lim said that when asked about the island’s free port status, the PM had replied that, with already five free trade zones in Penang, the issue of Penang becoming a free port ‘does not arise’. Lim was also reported saying “Najib has said very clearly there is no free port.”

With that, the pro-oppositions blogs, webs and portals helped Lim spread the half-truth statement of the PM.

Looks like Lim failed to learn the lesson about records and documentations. Politicians nowadays, should know better than to lie outright because the truth can be accessed in just one click on the keyboard.

The PM’s reply on the matter has been recorded as follows: “Although free trade port status is no longer in existence, the Federal government is aware that Penang BN has proposed to come up with a new concept to spur economic development in Penang, especially in the tourism and service sectors. The Federal Government will give due consideration based on the feedback and support from the people, as well as the innovative proposal.”

Which part of the PM’s statement above that spelled ‘No to free port’?

The same was exposed by a Chinese current affairs website, as reported by the NST today. It said that DAP leaders were withholding the full text of Najib’s written reply in parliament and had, instead, ‘twisted the facts and distorted the truth’ about it.

Well, we need not say much about Lim Guan Eng and his twisted tongue as this is not the first time that he had been caught lying to our faces.

We can only ask, what is uglier than a lying Chief Minister? And how can we put our fate in the hands of a liar?

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