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All these while, Anwar Ibrahim is thought as the connection between the opposition coalition. Without Anwar, DAP and PAS would never be able to work together and without him, PKR would have no value at all.

This is because the reason behind PKR’s existence is Anwar, not because of rakyat and it does not fight for justice. It was established for the sole reason of making Anwar as the Prime Minister or the President of Republic of Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat was established with the same reason, but they would gamble the lives of rakyat under chauvinist DAP who wishes to change this country into China.

PAS is the other hand, is just a follower who has nothing and they only run on their hatred towards UMNO and their objective is just to bring down their brothers in UMNO.

But, recently, Anwar seems to no longer be the ‘main factor’ in Pakatan Rakyat. Many are beginning to doubt on how far can Anwar influence votes in the election. Anwar is somehow seen as a liability or a burden to PR. Even though he still has the influence among LGBT and liberals, but these groups are just minority and that it would not bring any significance towards the election.

In short, the strength and weaknesses of PR no longer depend on Anwar.

Since the end of last year, Anwar is seen to be weak, even at his own area, Permatang Pauh. This could be seem during one of his ceramah on October 21, 2011 where it was only attended by his neighbours and only a few numbers of loyal followers from far. This is Permatang Pauh we’re talking about, his strongest area.

As an ‘experienced politician’, Anwar cannot let himself lose at his place. So, logically, he would run to other places to compete.

From what have been observed, Anwar might run to Nibong Tebal based on the number of support and that it is situated far from the city where it covers DUN Sungai Acheh, Sungai Bakap and Jawi. And Sungai Bakap is the place where Anwar was born.

During 2008 GE, Nibong Tebal seat recorded 47,540 registered voters with Malays at 43.6%, Chinese 40.5% and Indian 15.9%. The seat was won by Tan Tee Beng from PKR whi gained 20,210 votes, beating Head of UMNO State, Zainal Abidin Osman who gained 17,123 votes.

However, Tan, on march 1, 2010 announced his resignation from PKR when he was given disciplinary action for criticizing Penang’s Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. he is now an Independent MP and BN friendly.

From here, it is not impossible that UMNO would put the same candidate. If it is true that Anwar would run to Nibong Tebal, we would be able to see a tight competition between the Opposition Leader and Penang’s Head of UMNO in the coming GE13.

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