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TUNTUTAN…Sebahagian daripada 200 kakitangan Kuin mengadakan demonstrasi di hadapan bangunan pentadbiran kampus di Alor Setar semalam.

What happened in KUIN where its employees had to carry banners to demonstrate in front of the Rector’s office in Alor Setar yesterday proved that the university is definitely under a huge problem.

Prior to the incident, PAS’s leadership in Kedah tried to cover the issue that is hitting KUIN but finally, it is proven that no problems can be ignored.

It might seem small of the state administration, but the matter of not paying employees their salary is something big because it is the matter of one’s routine. The same thing would happen if the Chief Minister’s salary is not paid, obviously he would not be able to sleep at night.

The problem with KUIN’s employee does not just include the matter of not getting their salary, their problem also include the fact that even with cuts, their salary remain unpaid for months. The question is, where did all the money go?

According to the chronology, KUIN’s staff had met, discussed, negotiated and sent a memorandum to the management, the Director’s Board, KUIN’s Member of Supreme Council and Excos and Kedah’s Chief Minister through a few series since early May.

But, all of their efforts were put aside. Even the staff representative, Mohamad Azki Hafizi Ibrahim who set the meeting with KUIN’s Rector, Prof. Datuk Dr. Jamil Osman was transferred to Kuala Ketil, probably as a ‘sentence’ for criticizing the Rector.

Isn’t that cruelty?

“Himpunan Aman Bersih KUIN 2.0” menyaksikan semua terbabit berpakaian putih sebagai simbol protes agar Prof Datuk Dr Jamil melepaskan jawatan

not being able to take it anymore, the main reason of the demonstration among KUIN staff yesterday was to push the Rector, Datuk Dr. Jamil to resign or to be sacked. Besides that, staffs are also asking for their salary to be paid fully.

The main concern here is that why is it since May until now, after the fact that the EXCO and Chief Minister were fully informed about this, no solution is done?

If Exco and CM do not take this matter seriously, then where can those employees go to? DYMM Sultan or YDP Agong? Or the Prime Minister or UMNO President?

What else can they do to get away from this issue which should have been fought by KUIN or the state government who should be responsible for the university. Should they organize demonstration like those Bersih rioters?

We do not understand on what is the CM waiting for before taking any actions? To mention that he do not anything might have been impossible, because him and his representative did meet up with KUIN staff since the early stage of the crisis.

20 pelajar mengadakan bantahan di luar ibupejabat PAS hari ini sebagai membantah tindakan parti itu yang membisu berhubung tindakan menggantung lima pelajar Kolej Universiti Insaniah (Kuin) di Kedah.

It is clear that KUIN’s Rector do not have the rights to hold such position, he do not know how to manage KUIN and he had acted cruel towards his staff up to the point where they cannot stand working for him anymore.

Moreover, Exco and Kedah Cm also do not have the rights to be in their position because they are not able to handle their responsibility where they are supposed to defend rakyat especially with such university having a huge financial crisis.

Like it or not, this matter might have been resolved if Kedah is under Barisan Nasional. And that is the fact, even though it might be too hard to swallow by a few, especially PAS’s loyal supporters, it is still the truth. Those who cannot accept the truth are those who are mental.



UTAMAPOLITIKKuin Rally: Proof o PAS's Cruelty

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