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Sex scandals, secret love affairs, infidelities of politicians have been used as a weapon to bring them down ever since politics was introduced. In today’s world, especially, no dark secret can stay a secret when social networking and blogging have become the way of life. So, here’s the hard truth for all politicians that is, the only way for a politician to avoid ‘injury’ or ‘death’ by this weapon is to stay loyal to the wife.

People say that a pen is mightier than a sword, and I say that information is mightier than money. Once such information gets into the hands of the enemies, your life is finished.

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Unless you are a ‘God’s Gift to Humankind’ like Anwar Ibrahim where he can sodomize or rape anyone on the streets but still has ‘fans’ to stand by him, you can never face the world as gracefully as Anwar does after such scandal has been exposed.

So, sure enough, a PAS’s version of Khalifah, Lim Guan Eng, failed to convince anybody even his followers that he was, or is, not having an affair with Ng Phaik Kheng, his former special officer, now transferred to other division after much pressure from his wife, Betty Chew. The three of them even had trouble to deny straight away about the allegation but instead, Guan Eng blamed his enemies, Betty Chew chose to walk out of the Assembly and Phaik Kheng told the media to go ask Betty Chew when confronted with the matter.

Betty Chew is greatly affected with the scandal and I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that she actually went berserk. By stomping out of the Assembly, shouting and putting up a banner that says ‘shame on you’ to Datuk Gan Tian Loo, just for asking the much anticipated question about her husband’s affair, we have no problem visioning Betty Chew causing the injury on Guan Eng’s forehead. And we have no problem understanding why Guan Eng would have an affair in the first place.

Betty Chew must have forgotten, for a moment that she is a politician who is supposed to get hold of herself and not lose control over anything at all. Unless it is the people in her constituency that is hurt, she should not run amok over some personal issues. If it’s personal, then she could have answer Datuk Gan properly with a simple yes or no. Whether or not the people would believe her answer ,is a different story altogether.

The only reason for Betty Chew to go berserk is because the allegation is true. If it wasn’t, she would have laughed it off and say no straight-forwardly.

We understand that Betty Chew is angry, not towards Datuk Gan or the media, or even BN but towards her husband and Phaik Kheng for causing the hurt and forcing her into such humiliation. Since she couldn’t ‘touch’ Phaik Kheng without taking the risk of the matter being out on the internet again, she has to channel her anger to others – her political enemies.

If there is anybody who deserves the ‘shame on you’, it’s Betty herself for not acting like a lady, a wife of the Chief Minister and a politician.

If there is any consolation for Betty, just imagine what Wan Azizah has to go through all her married life with Anwar Ibrahim.






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