1911, China mainland, the fall of the last China’s dynasty i.e. the Qing’s dynasty by revolutioniaries led by Dr Sun Yat Sen.

1911 – Warlords & Kuomintang [ KMT] clashes for territorial gains.

1921 – now : Soviet intervention through Dr Sun Yat Sen’s plea for help. establishment of China Communist Party. The great CIVIL WAR errupted between KMT & CPC. Until now, the civil war is still on as there is no armistice treaty and/or peace treaty has been signed both parties.

Now let us look at Malaysia :-

1900 – the end of any Malay arm  resistance against British, the start  formation of  Federated Malay States [FMS), Unfederated Malay States (UMS) and Straits Settlement (SS).

1914 – 1918 – The First World War. 3 years after the fall the Qing’s dynasty in China.

1919 – 1920’s – The Great Depression in USA.

Early 1930’s – The rise of Japanese Imperialism.

1939 – 1945 – The Second World War.

1945 – 1946 – The British Military Administration in Malaya including Singapore.

1946 – The Malayan Union, excluding Singapore. The civil resistance by the Malay.

1948 – The formation of Federation of Malaya.

1949 – KMT lose power in China mainland and CPC took control formed The People’s Republic of China.

Please take note that the Malayan Communist Party started arms resistance against the British Malaya in 1948, The Malayan emergency – DHARURAT.


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