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Lim Kit Siang Accepts Islam? – Hadi Awang-

The statement made by PAS President, Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang regarding his preparedness to become the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat wins the coming GE became controversial as it goes against the agreement which was made in Pakatan Rakyat.

As a response, PAS imagined that the media had exaggerated the statement so that they could cause clashes among PR leaders. To defend themselves, Hadi Awang’s statement was then published by Harakahdaily and Malaysian Insider to explain the real situation.

What we can understand from the transcript which was published by both the pro-PR media regarding Hadi Awang’s statement is that it does not clash with what the public understood, Hadi Awang is prepared to be the next Prime Minister and he is exited over the idea. He also pictured that PR’s victory in the coming GE would mean a huge victory for Islam. He said,”I would welcome the idea of appointing me as the next Prime Minister. It is quite a great idea. But I would like to say here that I would like God to make my dream come true so that Islam would win, then if I die, I would die.”

He then asked PAS to look back at the history of hijrah where Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated to Madinah, how he met a few tribe leaders, few of them include tribe leaders from Bani Amir and the prophet promised Islam as the path of victory in defending a country. Even though they first questioned who would become Kind, but they finally agreed with what the prophet responded when he said that victory is owned by Allah SWT and the highest post is set by Allah SWT. With that, the tribe leaders accepted Islam and gained victory.

During a press conference, Hadi was reported to gave rejected the proposal in appointing him as the next PM and he would rather become a fisherman if Islam wins.

We understood that Hadi might not have the guts to challenge the agreement which was reached by PKR and DAP regarding the PM position which will be taken by Anwar Ibrahim. Despite that, we also understand that Hadi need to consider PAS’s top leadership who cannot accept Anwar as PM.

Thus, Hadi’s statement during his press conference speech was simply political and it does not mean anything to PAS because we are well aware that PAS is still right under the power of Anwar and DAP.

But, the thing which we cannot understand is why would Hadi relate the victory of PR with as victory for Islam, or even the history of hijrah. If according to the history if hijrah, the tribe leaders who met Prophet SAW agreed to accept Islam before they agree to work together in building a country.

But as for PAS who want Islam to win, tribe leader from ‘Bani Anwar’ and ‘Bani Lim’ haven’t even accept PAS’s Islam, but PAS has already agreed to work with them to rule this country.

Is Hadi deaf for not hearing all the chanting from Bani Lim that they want a Secular country which they would destroy Islam as the official religion and strongly oppose on any effort to defend Islamic law in this country? Without Islam as the official religion which has been defended by UMNO for decades, this means that Islam will no longer have the rights to rule and they no longer have the rights to spead the message of Islam in this country, thus, giving chance for other religion to spread the message of their religion and to open the rights of murtad for Muslims. There would be no special budget made for Islamic development programs or even any facilities to do so. Instead, the budget will be given to all religion where Christianity, known to be the richest among other religions will have the financial capacity to spread.

Thus, PAS’s cooperation with Bani Lim will clearly cost Islam its victory, if PR wins the coming GE.

Bani Anwar in the other hand, which really follow the West, will take Islamic law regarding homosexuality and LGBT as something conservative and they would put all religion at the same level where Islam would no longer be the highest religion.

So, how can Hadi explain that the cooperation between PAS and Bani Anwar would get them victory for Islam of they win the election?

Perhaps we need to ask, what is Islam to Hadi Awang? What is Hadi’s definition of victory for Islam?

It is clear that Hadi is now confised with his own words where he thinks that Islam is PAs and PAS is Islam. The fact is, the victory for PAS does not mean victory for Islam because PAS is not Islam.

PAS is just a regular political party which is established by egoistic men who deem themselves as Ulama. There are no special announcements made to prove that PAS is the purest party or the party really follows Islam. Some PAS leaders were surrounded by scandals – adultery, sodomy, corruption, just as same as other political leaders around the world.

PAS does not have any advantage in terms of Islam, except for its name. Their dress code also do not mean that they are truly Islam because clothes are just clothes. Jubah and serban are used everywhere by just about anyone.

Besides that, PAS also cannot deny the fact that the party no longer stand by itself. They are now tied with Bani Lim DAP and Bani Anwar PKR. Until now, those two tribes still would not accept Islam as proposed by PAS.

With PAS Ulama Council Chief himself confirmed that they would agree with the democracy system, this means that PAS it Islam PAS, has lost even before they compete. In other words, even if PR wins the coming GE, PAS would still lose.

Thus, if it is true that Hadi Awang wants to see Islam win before he dies, he could die now. This is because Islam has always win under the leadership of UMNO, a party that never get tired over fighting for Islam so that it would stay at the highest level in this country, as the official religion and protected under the Royal Institution.

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