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nurul-izah-pluralIt seems like many are shying away from Pakatan Rakyat when a video of Nurul Izzah criticizing the security force fulfilling their duty in Lahad Datu went viral.

The statement was made by Nurul Izzah in one of her ceramah at Lucky Garden Bangsar on February 16, 2013, as Sulu crisis was at its peak.

Probably driven by vengeance, she decided to make such statement to the country’s security force. It is clear that this woman do not know anything about the force.

Firstly, when it comes to national security, a leader should never look down on the enemy, because it could lead to the risk of losing, proving that the leader do not value the lives of our national security force.

Secondly, a leader should study about security and our national defence system.

Third, anyone, leaders or even normal citizens, should know the issues that they are talking about, especially when it comes to public speaking.

Her failure in passing all these three requirements makes Nurul Izzah look stupid and inhumane for saying such a thing to those who risk their lives for our country’s sovereignty.

She made a statement by describing most of the security officers fighting in Lahad Datu as ‘Rangers’. She said, responsibilities of rangers were to fight against communist, and since communists are no longer around, that is why they were sent to Lahad Datu, is simply irrelevant! Nurul Izzah even criticized Barisan Nasional for not allowing famous communist, Chin Peng, to come back to Malaysia.

Other than rangers, Nurul Izzah also questioned the deployment of Special Branch (SB) to handle the Sabah crisis. According to Nurul Izzah, SB’s task is to only look out for ‘missing children’?!

Thus, she said, SB should be abolished and they should become Investigative Officers?!

For Nurul Izzah’s information, a few RMP teams sent to Sabah are from the Special Brach Unit, Special Operations Force and General Operations Force.

Rangers Force which was said by Nurul Izzah, no longer exist on reasons mentioned by Nurul Izzah herself, the end of communist insurgency.

That is why, on 1989, the function of the force was revamped from going against communists to defending border security, illegal immigrants (PATI) invasion threat, pirate activities at sea, smuggling, anti-terrorism, public order, search and rescue (SAR) as well as crime prevention.

With that, the name was also changed to General Operations Force (GOF).

Thus, what happens in Sabah fulfills all of GOF’ functions, and for Nurul Izzah to say that their service in Sabah is irrelevant, only shows that she does not know anything.

Her statement regarding SB in the other hand, is just stupid. Does she think that CIA is the only intelligence unit in the world? Well, since her father has ‘good’ connections with CIA.

Don’t she know that SB was the one which managed to find out about her father’s sexual lust as well as tracking Anuar’s voice recordings in his meetings with Zionist agents around the world?

Perhaps she really does not know about this because there is no way her father would share these things with the family.

For Nurul Izzah’s information, SB does not look out for missing children because the task is taken by the Criminal Investigation and Missing Persons department. The function of SB is to gather intels regarding internal and external national threats, any subversive and sabotage activities done by extremists or any individuals which could pose threat against the country – such as the father of Nurul Izzah and she herself.

This unit is also responsible in acquiring, processing, evaluating and distributing information as well as advising departments inside and outside of the unit, as well as organizations concerned. SB’s department consists of a few branches such as Technical Intelligence, Social Intelligence, External Intelligence, Political Intelligence, Economic Intelligence and Security Intelligence.

Obviously, for the crisis in Sabah, this unit is needed in gathering intels. Thus, if they are turned to investigators, as suggested by Nurul Izzah, where would the current investigators in police departments around Malaysia would go?

Perhaps she is scared that evidence of his father’s involvement in this crisis would come out? If not, why would she question such established unit?

As of for now, we know that Nurul Izzah wants the number of police officers to be reduced, and SB to be abolished, but we do not know what would Nurul Izzah and Pakatan Rakyat would do with crisis in Sabah, if they become government. Criticizing the government is just an easy task, but how can they make the right move if they could not even find the right solution to the matter.

However, it is been proven that Nurul Izzah is stupid, how can anyone put their hopes on her. We have seen how her suggestions does not provide any benefit, instead, they will only cause more chaos for this country.

Whatever it is, we know that Nurul Izzah simply hates the police as they managed to arrest her father and revealed his bad actions.

Even if you’re mad, why be stupid in public? Especially with the fact that Nurul Izzah is one of the compulsory names in PR cabinet if the party wins the coming GE. There is no way rakyat would want to have a Minister who is as stupid as she is. How can a Minister who does not know anything about the country’s defence can guarentee the country’s safety?


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