Sunday, June 20, 2021


Healthcare assistant In the UK steals dead patient’s bank card to buy snacks

A healthcare assistant, Ayesha Basharat was caught stealing an 83-year-old patient’s bank card, 17 minutes after she passed away. According to BBC News, Basharat, 23, who works in a Covid ward at the Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham stole the card just...

80yo Woman Dies After Security Guard Poses As Doctor And Performs Botched Surgery

An 80-year-old woman passed away two weeks after surgery at Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. The plot twist? She was operated on by a former security guard who had been dismissed two years back. It is said that the elderly...
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Polisi tutup Kelab “Fable” lantaran hendak buka pada tengah malam

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Petugas Direktorat Reserse Narkoba Polda Metro Jaya menegur dan menutup Kelab "Fable" yang berlokasi di kawasan...
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