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So the RM2.6 billion WAS a donation from the Middle East after all

The opposition Pakatan Harapan is singing the MACC’s praises. The opposition leaders paid a visit to the MACC office to shake hands and take...

We "expose" Najib's Mystery RM2.6b Donor yet again.

Actually, those who believe those accusations that RM42 billion has been stolen from 1MDB of which RM2.6 billion was put into Najib's account has...

Facts about 1MDB – Part 1

Verifiable hard facts that you should know about 1MDB - part 1. PetroSaudi International is founded and owned by Prince Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud...

Why make so much noise about the RM2.6 billion?

So, yes, democracy is dead in Malaysia, as Dr Mahathir said yesterday. But the question is did democracy die just over the last few...

Was the RM2.6 billion part of the war on terror?

Later, I came across a US report that said this particular Saudi organisation spends billions a year in giving donations to organisations and movements,...

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