Malaysia Will Be Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Donation From USA Via Covax -

The United States of America is planing to make donation of at least 80 million Covid-19 vaccine doses globally by the end of June in an effort to end the pandemic. Through a Fact Sheet released by the United States’ White House on 3 June 2021, the American government laid out its framework for the plan, including the first 25 million doses.

Malaysia is part of several other countries in the initial 25 million doses donation, specifically the USA’s plan to donate 7 million doses to countries in Asia. Other countries in Asia that will be receiving the donation include:

Sri Lanka
Papua New Guinea
The Pacific Islands

The Fact Sheet also details how nearly 19 million doses (75% of the initial 25 million doses) will be shared with the rest of the world via the International Covid-19 vaccine-sharing initiative Covax.

The US government also assured that this act is not to get favours. The Fact Sheet stressed,

“We will share with countries in urgent need, with a priority on vaccinating frontline workers. The United States will not use its vaccines to secure favors from other countries.”

US President Joe Biden (right) with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Furthermore, the US government also said that their involvement in the donation will go beyond than just providing funding for Covax. Instead, they will also be donating their own Covid-19 vaccine supply and would also encourage other countries to do similar vaccine donations.

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UTAMAENGLISHMalaysia Will Be Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Donation From USA Via Covax

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