Muzakarah’s Prerequisite Shows Nik Aziz’s Insincerity -

From the strongest opposition for the United Government (UG) suggestion three years ago, now, Mursyidul Am PAS, Nik Aziz Nik Mat is the strongest supporter in supporting a muzakarah with UMNO.

Such change in attitude in this 80 year old politician had shown confusion among his supporters.

Perhaps this is what it meant by the term political chameleon where one would change their political stand whenever needed.

This phenomena is becoming clear in the PKR-PAS-DAP coalition where they call themselves as Pakatan Rakyat because leaders such as Anwar Ibrahim, Abdul Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng would always change their political stand for their own interest.

If back then Nik Aziz had heavily criticized the President of his own party that he mentioned that the idea of forming a UG between Umno and PAS is garbage – no use and there is no value to it at all.

But now, he is supporting the matter but with condition where UMNO needs to join Pakatan Rakyat prior to the muzakarah.

The intention of having a muzakarah is seen as something good for the Malays in this country to counter issues when it comes to uniting with one another that has been going around for centuries, but the prerequisite is just illogical.

That is what Nik Aziz really want. He does not really want the muzakarah between two huge Malay parties to really come to reality that he had given a condition that would make it a failure.

And when it fails, Nik Aziz would definitely point his finger to UMNO by saying that UMNO is saying no to muzakarah because they do not want to follow the condition that he had set.

That is the dirty political game that is being played by someone who is described as a ‘Tok Guru’ (Great Teacher).

Nik Aziz supports the idea of having a dialogue between Umno and PAS for the sake of the survival of his party.

To divert heavy criticism for sacrificing their fight from ‘Daulah Islamiyyah’ to ‘Welfare Nation’, after working alongside with a Chinese racist party, DAP, Nik Aziz needs something so that PAS would not become a political target.

And somehow the idea of muzakarah became part of his political strategy.

PAS has actually been used and fully manipulated by Nik Aziz.

Every single suggestion that he received or ideas that he would reject, is seen as a fatwa that should be followed by every single PAS members including all of his President and Vice President.

Nik Aziz’s control in the way PAS’s move has changed the party to a political organization that is old-fashioned and does not go in-line with the time.

Nik Aziz wants to bring PAS to an era where only a single person is in power and he is the person who could tell the life of the party.

As Mursyidul Am, Nik Aziz sees that he is the man in power in PAS, just like a dictator where he would ensure that everyone would listen and obey him.

There is no way that an old-fashioned and iron-fist party such as PAS could face educated discussion that is based on civilization and openness like what is being practiced by UMNO.

UTAMAPOLITIKMuzakarah's Prerequisite Shows Nik Aziz's Insincerity

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