Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro – Win 8 powers hybrid devices

With an 11.6-inch FULL HD LCD touch display and a detachable keyboard, the Samsung Ativ Smart PC and Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro offers both a touchscreen and physical key experience.

Though optimised for the Windows 8 platform, both devices will be compatible with Windows 7. The screen itself offers 400 nit brightness levels along with 10-finger multi-touch support for all your pinch-and-pull zooming and swiping. Though the keyboard is detachable, it can also be folded in the same way you would a notebook or laptop.

Samsung has also provided a third input method by including the same S Pen found with its Galaxy Note range. The S Note application is also preloaded on both devices, so consumers can make notes with their S Pen directly from the homescreen.

The Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro is marginally thicker at 11.9mm thick in comparison to the Samsung Ativ Smart PC’s 9.9mm. This, we assume, is to accommodate the more powerful Intel Core i5 processor, whereas the Smart PC houses an Intel Atom CPU. The Pro also supports USB 3.0 while the Smart is USB 2.0.

Two extra USB 2.0 ports can be found in the detachable keyboard and both devices support mHDMI and miniSD. In terms of battery power, expect up to 13.5 hours with the Samsung Ativ Smart PC and eight hours with the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro.

No word on pricing or availability on either device yet, but with Windows 8 not expected to roll out until 26 October expect both the Samsung Ativ Smart PC and eight hours with the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro to arrive sometime around or after that.