Krisis PKR: Latheefa Koya dari team Azmin bidas Anwar Ibrahim perlantikan Pengerusi PKR Negeri

Bekas pemimpin pusat PKR Latheefa Koya membidas presiden parti itu yang didakwa mengamal sikap kronisme dan nepotisme dalam melantik pengerusi PKR negeri.

Ini termasuk pelantikan anak presidennya, Nurul Izzah Anwar sebagai pengerusi PKR Pulau Pinang.

Latheefa berkata, mengikut perlembagaan parti Presiden PKR Seri Anwar Ibrahim sepatutnya berunding dengan ketua-ketua cabang negeri sebelum sebarang lantikan dibuat.

“Pelantikan Nurul Izzah sebagai pengerusi negeri Pulau Pinang oleh presiden parti yang juga bapanya sangat tidak sesuai dan terbuka kepada tuduhan amalan nepotisme.

“Amalan melantik saudara terdekat dalam jawatan penting tidak sewajarnya wujud dalam sebuah parti reformis,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan media, hari ini.

Lihat kenyataan penuh Latheefa Koya:


PKR must explain cronyism & nepotism in party appointments

17 December 2018

PKR has announced the appointments for its State party chiefs. According to the party constitution, the appointments are to be made by the PKR President after consultation with state division chiefs.

The appointments that have been announced are disturbing and a cause for grave concern.

Firstly, except in the case of Sarawak and Selangor, the state chiefs who have been appointed are known to be aligned to one of the two main factions in PKR. Why the heavy imbalance favouring one faction? Appointments favouring one particular faction is tantamount to cronyism, which is anathema to any reform party.

Secondly, in at least 2 of the states i.e. Pahang and Sabah, the candidates chosen did not initially hold majority support among state division chiefs. However after being summoned to meet the President the division chiefs changed their support. Why did they shift support to the opposite faction after meeting the President? What did he say to them?

Whereas in 3 other states, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor, despite the fact that the majority of division chiefs supported different candidates, the President went on to choose other candidates all aligned to one faction, ignoring their choices. I have copies of written memorandums of the state division chiefs supporting candidates who were inexplicably not appointed.

Whilst the President is given the power to choose the respective state Chief in consultation with the division chiefs, it is highly unusual and contrary to the spirit of the party constitution for the President to ignore the majority preference. In a reformist and democratic organisation, the party president cannot simply brush aside majority opinion.

Thirdly, the appointment of Nurul Izzah binti Anwar as Penang state chief by the party president who is her father, is highly inappropriate and open to the charge of nepotism. It is needless to say that the practice of appointing close relatives to important positions should have no place in a reformist party.

Finally, it is shocking that the new Kelantan state chief was recently an Umno member. As of September 2018 Tanah Merah Umno division confirmed that he is still an Umno member and suspended over money politics allegations. It’s astonishing that PKR saw nothing wrong in appointing this recent Umno crossover.

Harapan parties must uphold democracy in their respective parties internal appointments.

PKR needs to realise that it is now part of the Federal government, charged with no less a task than instituting reforms and properly governing the nation. Hence, it must uphold the highest and best democratic practices.

After a scandal-ridden and disgraceful party election process, these appointments only further erode public regard and confidence in PKR.

PKR cannot preach democracy to the country, whilst continuing to run the party on the basis coteries or factions, and ignoring basic democratic norms.

It is imperative for PKR to explain to the public these dubious and disturbing appointments.

Issued by,
Latheefa Koya
Parti Keadilan Rakyat


  1. kenapa nak di pertikaikan hal tu..kita tengok aje tak payah join biar la dia lantik siapa pon dari jawatan paling tinggi sampai kebawah semua kerabat dia…ikut kehendak dia le…semoga tak lama kita tengok dia org semua dlm wad mental poblem.


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