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It seems like DAP is still on edge after Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim decided to leave the party.

Among DAP leaders, a few expressed their sadness, some criticized and mocked Tunku Aziz’s contributions to the party and they have been ordering their ‘slaves’ to work around the clock to respond to issues such as iron-fist organization and corruption.

They also tried to heal their image by diverting issues from newspapers who ‘wympathizes’ DAP’s fights, including the Star.

But, Tunku Aziz should understand that his colleagues were not sad with his actions in getting out of the party. Instead, they are sad because he had revealed dirty things about DAP. Their sadness increased when he later stated his support for the Prime Minister and complimented all of PM’s transformation programs.

Due to that, DAP somehow had forgotten that Tunku Aziz is a person who is straight, has integrity and a man that stand on his principal and that a man who only says the truth. This sort of quality was the reason why they wanted him in DAP, and the same quality was reason why he went out of the party.

One of those leaders who mocked Tunku Aziz would be Karpal Singh, DAP’s National Chairman. According to Karpal, Datuk Seri Najib’s transformation programs only touches the surface of the real problem.

For Karpal, to get to the bottom of the issue, the first step that the PM has to take would be to ‘restore the status of Bumiputera to every single citizen who was born during and after August 31, 1957, which is the date of the Independence day for this country.’

The real intention behind that is simply to destroy Bumiputera’s rights.

We are not surprised with Karpal’s statement because it has been DAP’s main objective, which is to destroy all of Malay power in Malaysia.

To fulfil such objective, DAP often create stories that Bumiputera rights is a form of discrimination to non-bumi citizens. As if they are not important and did not get any infrastructure and help from the government.

The fact is, even with bumiputera rights, non-bumis had managed to drive out 18,000 bumis in Penang. So, how would it have been if bumis are not protected by the government?

When bumis are all still fighting just to survive and non-bumis are all rich with money and power in controlling the nation’s economy. Thus, how would it have been for bumis if their economy is not protected by the government?

Bumiputera rights has been highlighted in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution to protect Bumiputeras, especially in the section of economy and land ownership. This is because, during the occupation, Bumiputeras were not given the same chances in forms of education and social by British that they were all left out and that had made it hard for them to compete with other immigrants. Without education and social interactions, Bumiputeras are prone to manipulations and they might lose their rights in their own soil.

British’s actions in limiting education and social interactions for Bumiputeras were made to ensure that there would be no patriotic spirit that might cause riot.

For the immigrants, they do not have any patriotic duty for this country. So, they would not cause any riots. Thus, education and job openings are more open for them because the British needed them to work or supervise Bumiputeras.

The May 13, 1969 tragedy then showed how unpatriotic these immigrants really were as they really pushed Bumiputeras down. From there, the New Economic Policy was introduced to increase the life of Bumiputeras to avoid the tragedy from repeating itself.

Even Bumiputeras are not really comfortable with their special rights. But the fact is, they need to defend their rights as long as the non-bumis are still fighting to push them down as they might face the risk of becoming hobos in their own soil, even if that did not happen, a huge tragedy might.

Even though DAP denied the fact that they are racist, but records of DAP’s political history had shown they they do fight to push other races down if they are in power. Such action can be seen in the May 13 tragedy that no one can really forget. It is also proven in the ways they manage private companies where non-bumis were given more opportunities to compete while Bumiputeras remain in the sidelines.

Thus, even though we do want to wipe out this ‘racial discrimination’ issue that is stated in the Federal Constitution, as long as we cannot wipe out racial discrimination that is NOT written in private companies and businesses, Malaysia has no choice but to remain with its Article 153.

DAP is actually well aware with this racial discrimination issue that is NOT written in Malaysia’s economic sector that is controlled by the Chinese, but they do not want to wipe any of it out. Things went worse as DAP would always ensure that the Chinese would have the control over everything – politics, economy, education, business etc.

This is the reason why Tunku Aziz do not want to be with them, and why is Karpal that desperate to shut Tunku Aziz’s mouth.


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