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Writer was a bit surprised when receiving a copy of a meeting discussion on the matter of seat distribution by Pakatan Rakyat component parties which was held recently.

From the document, it is confirmed that DAP would compete for 90 seats in the parliament, PKR66 seats while the rest would be competed by PAS!

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For me, it is a huge surprise because it puts DAP in a very comfortable position to appoint the Prime Minister among its party leaders.


With a condition which they have to accomplish more than they did in 2008.

During the 2008 GE, DAP gained 28 seats from 48 seats which they competed with the percentage of 59.57%.

From my calculations, if the percentage could be maintained for the coming GE, DAP would gain 54 seats from the 90 seats which they are competing.

Logically, we cannot deny that it seem quite ridiculous because DAP is known that they would gain 100% support from Chinese and half of Indian votes.

With Malay votes divided into two to three parts, the party could easily win in Parliamentary areas which has the population of half Malays and half non-Malays.

But at the same time, I do worry that this would trigger negative perception among Malays who might worry that this country would be led by non-Malays while them still forming a majority in this country.

This could easily be used by UMNO to raise racial sentiments which would then give benefit to them.

The Malays can never unite because it would only benefit UMNO and give damage to the opposition. History had shown that fact. So, it is important that Anwar’s image remain as the next Prime Minister at all times.

That is just about DAP.

I am a bit confused with the amount of seats which are given to PKR. From 97 sears which they competed in 2008, they are now left with 66 seats for the coming GE and half of the candidates are from non-Malay.

The weird part is that Anwar’s name was put as candidate in two Parliamentary areas in Penang, Nibong Tebal and Permatang Pauh. What is the motive behind this? I cannot really figure it out for now.

I also found that most of the people with positions now would be sacked and few of them include Azan Ismail (Indera Mahkota), Datuk Rashid Din (Merbuk) and Loh Gwo Burne (Kelana Jaya) – Just a few names.

The question here is that what is going on with PKR? Have they lost faith in themselves? It would be hard for them to make Anwar as the PM if they are not dominant in Parliament.

We need to remember that the understanding which exist within Pakatan Rakyat is just something that is unofficial because Zaid Ibrahim failed to register Pakatan Rakyat with the Registrar of Society.

I do not want to mention too much about the number of seats which are competed by PAS because I believe that that is their capability.

Besides, to provide huge number of seats to PAS would only cause anxiety among Chinese regarding the implementation of the hudud law.

With the almost same amount of seats which they get in 2008, I do not think that PAS would be able to cause threat to non-Malay voters. Competing with 66 seats do not mean that they would win it all.


UTAMAPOLITIKDAP Confirmed 90 Seats, Hudud Law Not Implemented - @nikabdulaziz @MahfuzOmar

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