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Ng Paik Kheng

It looks like the seat suddenly became a little too hot for Betty Chew to sit in as her husband’s scandal fills the air. By refusing to answer a simple question by Duyong assemblyman Datuk Gan Tian Loo, and left the assembly instead, Betty Chew had showed us that she is just an ordinary woman after all, and a very weak one too. She doesn’t fit to be a politician and should have become a stay-at-home mum and take better care of her controversial son.

The media also failed to get a clear answer from Lim Guan Eng on the matter because Guan Eng too, is just an ordinary man who aren’t gentleman enough to admit having an affair to his wife, what more to the world.

Only Chua Soi Lek did that, with pure regret and humility, for he is a real man who is wise and strong enough to admit his mistake and try to mend them. He accepts all criticism for he had wronged. And he is clearly forgiven.

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From Betty’s reaction, who seemed angry, hurt and humiliated, the people can’t help but take it that the scandal is true. If Betty is expecting empathy from the people for being caught in such awkward and difficult situation, she is wrong. Women may sympathize her but as the rakyat, they still want answers because Betty is not just another woman, she is a politician and the wife of Penang Chief Minister. Betty’s reaction only leads the matter on and on and risen the curiosity.

Since Betty has surrendered, and Guan Eng chooses to turn away, the people now turn to Phaik Kheng for a clear the air. So far, Phaik Kheng has been acting like a politician by brushing off the questions and refusing to give a straight answer.

By right, Phaik Kheng shouldn’t act like one as she is no politician nor is she working for one anymore. After she was asked to leave her job as Guan Eng’s special assistant, she becomes the Head of Education Affairs Department in a private school in Penang.

It should be very easy for Phaik Kheng to give us a straight answer to a very straight question that is, whether or not she is or she was the mistress of the CM?

A ‘no comment’ answer given by Phaik Kheng almost sounds like a Hollywood celebrity being asked about her not very proud moment.

We don’t understand why is it so hard for her to say yes or no? Is Phaik Kheng trying to get back to Betty for making her quit her job as assistant to the CM? What game is Phaik Kheng playing? And if this is a game, be sure that someone will lose sooner or later.

Sure enough the Oppositions would claim that this is personal issues that would not affect the people or the state. But, should the table be turned and the same fate befall upon the Prime Minister, or any of BN’s ministers, the Oppositions would have made it into a ‘life-and-death-national- security’ issue. The Oppositions had even created such a similar story complete with fake photos just to shoot down the Prime Minister.

So, we agree that a scandal, be it sex or money, by any politician, is a big issue. The higher the politicians’ posts, the bigger issue it is for the people. Guan Eng is a Chief Minister and he is also in the list of the potential Prime Minister as we understand it; so neither he, his wife, nor his alleged mistress, should escape from addressing the matter directly and openly. If the CM and his wife can’t handle it, Phaik Kheng must come clean and tell her side of the story like a true, brave lady.

But before that, here’s a little advice for Betty: Go ask Wan Azizah about “how to keep a straight face when asked about your husband’s scandals”.


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