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najib-walkabout-klang-1An article in Malaysia Chronicle (MC) dated 7 January 2013, wrote: ‘New PM for Malaysia – Najib to be forced to step down on health reasons’. No doubt, that some people may have celebrated the news.

According to the article, to sum it all up, Prime Minister Najib had fallen ill and was absence from the public limelight for almost a fortnight most probably due to the pressure caused by the emergence of Deepak Jaikishan, who is alleged to have played the assisting role somehow, in the murder of Altantuya, the Mongolian model aka the ‘interpreter’ whom the French police couldn’t find any traces of her ever entering France during the period where the controversial transaction of Scorpene submarine took place.

The MC also reported that the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir is pushing hard for the Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin to take over as Prime Minister.

The rumours on the ground that went along with the MC’s report was that the PM had a stroke.

However, on the 8th January, the Prime Minister had kept to his schedule to launch the Exchange-Traded Bonds and Sukuk. He seemed to manage to ‘hide his illness’ well as he went through the function gracefully and confidently. He also attended the monthly assembly at his office in Putrajaya the next day with no sign of any illness. And today, we can see the PM attending the Transformation of Security and Fundamental Rights Legislation Conference looking radiant and healthy.

Therefore, in order to make sense of the article, we could take it that either the PM has miraculously recovered from an illness so serious that forced his family members to numb out on his condition from the public as claimed by the MC, or, he wasn’t at all ill. In other words, it was mere rumours or fiction printed by the MC just to stir the air or, for some other reasons that only the media itself, which is linked to Singapore and has a ‘special connection’ to the Oppositions, specifically, Tian Chua, knows.

But then, stirring the air, making havoc, creating chaos seems to be ‘the’ ultimate plan for Malaysia, by Oppositions and their masters. Inciting hatred towards the government, instilling racial prejudice, pushing for divisions between the same race or religion, discredit all government agencies and make the people believe that they are living in hell even when they are having the time of their life, are the common strategy used in all ‘regime change’ missions.

Although this mission has only been commonly heard in these few years, it has been carried out as early as the 60’s as revealed by the ex-CIA officers like Philip Agee, Michael Scheuer and many more. Some failed, but many were successful. The objective is nothing more but to conquer the natural resources of the target country and its economy, by putting a puppet leader on the throne.

Surprisingly unsurprisingly, Bosnia was one of the ‘experiments’. And we have witness the once united people, who didn’t notice their differences in religion and history suddenly became enemies of each other and were willing to kill their once close friends or neighbours, as the prejudices changed into total hatred.

The regime change mission takes full advantage of the people’s ignorance and arrogance combined. Being a rapidly developing country, the people in Malaysia represents both, where the more exposed and educated thought that they know it better, and the unexposed and naïve thought that they are doing all the right thing for some purpose or any purpose at all, that some charismatic leader could make them believe.

This mixture of ignorance and arrogance has been proven to be the perfect formula for the mission, and as we can see, it is working quite well in Malaysia. The formula takes advantage in knowing that it is almost impossible to tell the ‘educated and more exposed’ group that they don’t know it all about everything or that they are wrong. While, the unexposed and naïve wouldn’t listen to anybody but their own appointed leaders. With one or many opportunists around, the formula works even better.

As the mission being carried out, the government is being put in a very difficult situation when the people see the government as the sum of all evil. Every explaination, every effort to bring the people back to their senses fell on deaf ears. Worse is that even when the people have heard about the regime change missions and have seen the devastating results elsewhere, the complexity of it all seems too far-fetched, almost alien or surreal and sounded like too wild an imagination for these people of the developing country to process.

Hatred towards the government has finally taken over the spaces in the mind that they failed to see the difference between a demonstration in Africa pre-Mandela, and the demonstration in Egypt or Libya. They actually believe that there are the same reasons behind all the similar actions and disregard the reality of their own living condition.

In short, by making a devil out of the government and using the oppositions as tools, the mission is on. As the superpower says it, control the media, control the world.

And this, can be seen clearly in the MC’s article, among the many articles published by their links, counterparts and associates all along and ever since. What the MC did was continue to paint a picture of Tun Mahathir as the evil puppet master, and that at this time, the BN is ‘scared’ as hell of the ‘Anwar’s people’s power via Pakatan Rakyat’. It also hinted that we should all get ready for anything that this exceptionally-high-and-above-evil-puppet-master Tun Mahathir has planned for us as the election date approaching.

Anyway, if the MC insists on defending itself for being one of the tools used for the regime change mission, then we owe the media a credit for being the only media that could dig out stories that isn’t there. You know, for a journalist or a reporter to be able to get a hand into ‘something that isn’t there’ should be taken seriously, at least by the journalist or reporter himself. Personally, I would recommend him to either check his mental condition, or to consider becoming a fiction writer instead.

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