Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.1 Update With AirDrop Over Internet

There are still a few other features that the tech giant teased as “coming later this year” but have yet to be rolled out. Some of the things that can be expected soon with upcoming updates include the Journal app and collaborative playlists on Apple Music.

🎦 Building collapse in Havana kills at least one, others trapped

c It wrenched terraces off its facade and trapped many people beneath piles of rubble and rebar.

FutureDial automation solutions process more than 231 million preowned mobile phones globally

FutureDial Incorporated has announced its robotics and automation software solutions have been used by customers in the mobile supply chain to data clear, functionally...

Swipe kiri – kanan untuk berita sebelum & selanjutnya
Implement swipe gesture in Angular application | by Milan Perovic | Medium