Point of view of a chinese regarding the superficial drama which did to attract Malays to forgive easily

Point of view of a chinese regarding the superficial drama which did to attract Malays to forgive easily

I have always said the Malays in Malaysia are more politically mature than the Chinese. However, there is one weakness in the Malay political psyche; … Read More ›

Wrong to call it a bail out of 1MDB

1. The new Minister of Finance has made allegations that under the previous government, MOF, Khazanah and Bank Negara Malaysia had to “bail-out” 1MDB debts, … Read More ›

Portal pro-pembangkang ‘spin’ kenyataan pengarah urusan Mydin

Portal berita pro-pembangkang,Mkini didakwa memutar-belitkan kenyataan pengarah urusan hypermarket Mydin, Datuk Wira Ameer Ali Mydin di dalam wawancaranya yang disiarkan di BFM radio. Jabatan Hal … Read More ›


Take this year-end quiz to see if you are able to tell the difference between fact and fiction. POST-TRUTH is Oxford Dictionaries’ 2016 international word … Read More ›


The scheme is a way to channel subsidies effectively to those in need ON Christmas Day, chairman of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia and new de … Read More ›


In the aftermath of an election, protests across the United States have grown momentum. California, Portland in Oregon and Texas have all witnessed anti Trump … Read More ›

Ringgit Rises to Three-Month High as Markets Cheer Najib Budget – Bloomberg

Currency gains most in emerging markets as Brent stabilize. PM kept fiscal-deficit target and plans support measures Malaysia’s ringgit rose to a three-month high and … Read More ›

Defying his critics’ predictions, the Prime Minister has shown that he is here to stay

JUST a few months back, critics of the Prime Minister, and even many ordinary Malaysians, had dismissed him as a dead man walking. They confidently … Read More ›

How Muhyiddin slit his own throat

His first shot was to announce that he is going to be a half-term Deputy Prime Minister (meaning half term in his second term). The … Read More ›

Rafizi’s misinformed scare-mongering of 1MDB’s Edra impending sale

—- Today, PKR’s Rafizi Ramli made a statement in Parliament about the possible sale of 1MDB’s Edra to foreign companies. The problem is that Rafizi … Read More ›

UMNO Ministers ruined the future of the next generation

Two years ago the Penang Consumer Association disclosed that primary and secondary school students abused the electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette). During that time very few people … Read More ›

Paris attacks: More than 120 killed at Bataclan and restaurants

  Loud explosions were heard from inside the concert hall shortly after police moved in France has declared a national state of emergency and has … Read More ›

World Bank expert: Ringgit’s fall due to US recovery

The depreciation of the ringgit is due to the United States easing its monetary policy and its process of economic recovery, said the World Bank’s … Read More ›

Politics is about destroying your enemy

I mean, look at how the non-Malays scream at what Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is doing to those enemies of his who are trying … Read More ›

Najib walks softly and carries a big stick

Then Muhyiddin says that he actually does not understand the issue and whatever little knowledge he may have regarding 1MDB was what he had read … Read More ›

Tony Pua is beginning to feel the heat

Anyway, the news report below can probably throw some light on the whole episode and show that Tony is very much involved in the conspiracy … Read More ›

1MDB: Further clarification on resignation of Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Abdul Samad Haji Alias from 1MDB Board of Advisors

Further to the announcement issued yesterday by 1MDB on this matter, we regret to note that today, third parties such as Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, … Read More ›

Exchange Rates Are Relative Prices

Making the argument that exchange rates reflect economic performance in a world with a multitude of exchange rate regimes is nonsense. I used this analogy … Read More ›

Anwar Ibrahim is just another prisoner

The fact that during my first detention I was the nephew of the Agong and during my second detention I was the cousin of the … Read More ›

Malaysians are now currency experts?

(Malay Mail Online) – Today, the Ringgit breached RM4.00 for a dollar. When I logged in to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, 9 out of … Read More ›