Utama POLITIK #AnwarBohong – RM3 Billion Account, Who Would Anwar Blame?

#AnwarBohong – RM3 Billion Account, Who Would Anwar Blame?

In most ‘bullets’ which were shot to Anwar by his former right-hand men and followers, writer feels like this is the one bullet that really hit him right in the face. I am talking about the claim made by former assistant Governor of Bank Negara, Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid who mentioned about the account worth RM3 billion which was claimed to be handled tightly by Anwar while he was the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister back then.

Obviously, when we talk about such huge amount of money, many would be involved in it as well. This is not like any other sexual conduct in hotels or condos which only involves two people, this is about a huge pile of money to solve various issues among ‘whales’ (Anwar’s other cronies). Besides, the process on illegal money is not as same as sexual misconduct case where it needs four witnesses (referring to Anwar’s favourite excuse – what four witnesses?)

It is quite hard for Anwar to avoid from being involved especially when Ummi Hafilda recently revealed that a women named Zaliah Zakaria (former owner of a horse race club) was said to be one of the ones who Anwar trusts to manage the account. Zaliah did run away from Malaysia as soon as she knew that she would be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Body (BPR) regarding Datuk Murad’s Statutory Declaration but she went back to this country after the case reaches a dead end where it was hard to work with the country where the money is kept.

Another civil suit case between Hong Leong Bank and a businessman Low Thiam Hoe regarding a loan worth RM445 million in 1999 for the acquisition from Idris Hydraulic, also put Anwar right in the corner because in Datuk Murad’s Statutory Declaration, the matter was also mentioned where Anwar was suddenly involved in a different platform.

As usual, when he is stuck in a corner, he would find a way to divert or ‘share’ the mistake with other, especially his enemy, UMNO.

And that leads to the new information which I just received, saying that Anwar is ready to make a statement in a press conference in the near future to state in status for this RM3 billion account. Anwar was also said that he would reveal a few names of leaders and former leaders of UMNO during the press conference.

Few of the names which Anwar had listed include Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak (former second Prime Minister), Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn (former third Prime Minister), Tengku Razaleigh Tengku Hamzah (former Treasurer of UMNO and Finance Minister) and Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansur (the current Secretary General of UMNO)

How and why can those leaders be involved in the matter where some are even dead, remains a mystery.

But knowing Anwar, nothing is impossible. He could even turn pork to halal if he want to. At first, people would be raged, relating god’s law etc. but when the lies are repeated overtime, some would come up with opinions to defend Anwar or at least reduce the threats on him, so that rakyat would see that Anwar is innocent, after coming up with statements where UMNO is the one to be blamed etc.

We are aware of such trick because it has been going on a lot especially when it involves Anwar. Few of them include the form of Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government on September 16, 2008, protecting Israel, linking PM and his wife with the murder of Altantunya and others.

At the same time, it is quite sad knowing that some people do believe in these things, many of us put emotion in front of belief and iman.

That is why liars and criminals such as Anwar would last up until now. Without us knowing, few of us are actually creating this dajjal so that by the end of it, we could destroy us all.

May god protect us all.

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