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TonyPuaBugsTony Pua, (DAP – Petaling Jaya Utara) proudly and consistently played his role as the ‘fighter on open tender’ or transparency on BN’s administration.

It seems like Tony Puah has misjudged on all newspaper reports regarding the transformation which is implemented by Barisan Nasional government led by Dato’ Seri Najib. If this is not true, Tony Pua should obviously be aware that the open tender system is one of the most important program among all the transformation programs, in terms of transparency.

That is why, the open tender system was implemented by BN government and it has been proven to work as Malaysia is acknowledged by an international firm, A.T Kearney as the top 10 countries in foreign investor confidence index 2012.

Even if there are projects which are given through negotiations, it usually involve secret defence projects or confidential state secrets where it requires fast actions such as big scale projects, all significant for both rakyat and development of the country.

Thus, there is no reason for Tony Pua to keep on fighting for something which is already obvious. Especially when PR itself is still covered with serious transparency issues which could jeopardize rakyat.

Didn’t Tony know that rakyat never really forget DAP’s ‘transparency’ on handling their leaders’ corruption case which led to the death of the most important witness for MACC, Teoh Beng Hock? Not just that, DAP even tried to move away from the issue by politicizing the death of Teoh Beng Hock by blaming MACC.

We are still yet to consider rakyat’s complaints regarding the council member who took the budget for DAP’s Service Centre or the power abuse when they supported the company which is owned by their family members.

A few questions were also raised regarding the grant of project given in Penang. Few of them include tenders for projects in Taman Perindustrian Batu Kawan and Bukit Jambul Country Club. Few of the questions include the Chief Minister’s actions in calling only one company for a special meeting even though there were other companies who are involved, and that the company which was given the tender was a company which is about to sink, even with the fact that there are a lot of strong companies who fought for the projects.

Besides that, DAP was also asked on the terms which was given for tender that are more than RM10 million where contractors who managed to get the project would have to contribute. This then led to Lim Guan Eng’s house scandal which is said to be linked to the project at Taman Manggis and Winbond Sdn Bhd which its website was shut down right after the scandal went viral.

DAP Penang’s actions in appointing HDB Singapore for a project in Batu Kawan also raised some questions, because it seems to show that as if Malaysian contractors are not capable to develop high quality homes.

Not just DAP, even PKR Selangor was exposed for granting a project on supplying Hari Raya hampers worth RM2 million without using the open tender system from 2009 to 2011.

Perhaps Tony thinks that those projects are small issues, but what about the logging project in Kedah, and the latest, Kelantan. Even though Kedah government did make a statement saying that the logging project at the state was rewarded through open tender, but until now, no one really know the details on the companies involved for the whole process. How can they say it was an open system if no one can see it?

Tony Pua also need to ask his friend, Ngeh Koo Ham who at first denied the fact that he received land from PAS Kelantan government, but finally ended up admitting that he did receive the land when he realized that the information on company ownership is not something hard to find by just about anyone.

Are these things transparent enough in the eyes of DAP or PR? Or DAP want to confirm BN’s assumption saying that DAP and PR never really meant what they say? Such double standard, they can do it, others can’t.

By raising the issue of transparency and the open tender system, Tony seems to put himself among those idiots fighting against Lynas just because they fail to understand scientific facts which then ended up having to go for a hunger strike, which they fail to go through.

That is why, Tony Pua should not simply say things about others. He should clean himself up before accusing others.

UTAMAPOLITIKTony Pua, Think First Before Accusing People @tonypua

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