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5 Years Under Pakatan Rakyat Leadership – Price Of Low-Cost Homes Too Low?

rumah selangorMany ask, after five years of PKR leading Selangor, how many low-cost homes have been built and where are they? How much do they cost? Because most of the information on this are different and blurry.

Some of Selangor government reports said that 5,612 low cost homes projects have been planned. From there, only 287 was completed last year.

Then, another statement from Selangor state government on October 30, 2012 said that 6,470 low cost homes have been built since 2008.

And in the middle of it, we were shocked with the statement made by Selangor Chief Minister as he suggested high-income group to purchase low cost homes without any requirements to solve the issue of those home which remain unsold.

Why twist this issue even when it is just about numbers?

Numbers cannot be changed or twisted. If 1,000 low cost homes are built, it cannot be changed to 2,000 or 500 no matter how much we change the fact.

Rakyat has begun to understand that the low cost homes issue in Selangor is not really part of Selangor government’s top priority as they only focus on profit, just so that they could show their numbers as if they managed to generate high income for the state.

Under Barisan Nasional, the proposed land for the construction of low cost houses were sold to developers with the price of RM1/square feet to help developers in making profit as well as helping the poor to own their own home. However, Pakatan Rakyat government changed the ‘land’ as a business deal and the source has now been valued according to market price.

Logically, no developers would do their business on welfare reasons such as building low cost homes on expensive land. Obviously, that would be hard for the government to implement low cost homes projects.

On November 2012, MCA Selangor Chairman, Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai expressed the party’s concern over the issue and he suggested that Selangor government should give the land to federal government to implement the project.

A responsible government should take a balanced approach in developing commercial and luxury projects to ensure that rakyat’s welfare are taken care of no matter what.

This is the approach taken by Barisan Nasional which drives our country to where it is today.

Sadly, for people of Selangor, PR is not even interested about rakyat’s welfare.

Even though property issues in Selangor is huge due to expensive homes, news that are published on property magazines often portray the lands as one of the most interesting properties in Asia. Obviously, this would attract foreigners instead of locals who definitely would not be able to purchase such homes.

Based on this fact, PR has proven that the party might be smart in business, but not as a government.

Only within five years, PR had given such burden to Selangor people, just imagine if they are to rule for another five years to rule the state, low income rakyat might have been stomped to death by their own government.



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