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BERITAENGLISHAnwar Is Malaysia's Biggest Drama Queen

Anwar Is Malaysia’s Biggest Drama Queen

Anwar Ibrahim-berang-lgbtSince the start of Lahad Datu intrusion up until today where security force has been ‘cleaning up’ remaining Sulu terrorists, the opposition leaders and supporters still keep on playing with the word drama.

Make it through writing or speech, they keep on trying to create a public perception as if the crisis in Sabah is just a political drama. And when their drama does not really go the way they want to and rakyat begin to get mad over it, they start to make dozens of excuses.

This is how PR is, the only thing they know is to belittle others and change everything into politics for the sake of their own political interest. At the same time, they also have enough experience to get themselves out of their mistake.

If we are to look back about 15 years ago, the political drama made by Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition coalition which he leads, uses the same method which they use for Lahad Datu issue where they trigger doubt among public towards BN government, and hope they would gain something out of it.

Back then, the opposition spread a news saying that BN government conspired to kill Anwar by injecting HIV+ blood into his body which then raged the public and most of Anwar’s supporters. The whole country went chaotic for a while.

And when the HIV drama subsides and fail to bring down BN government, the opposition then came out with the news saying that Anwar was poisoned with arsenic. Once again triggering chaos to the country, and it gets worse as Anwar’s loyal goons made up another story saying that Anwar only has a year to live.

And when blood test was taken, it was proven that Anwar did not have arsenic running through his body, however, as usual, the opposition still spread their propaganda saying that Anwar’s life is in danger.

During the whole sodomy trial involving the driver of Anwar’s wife, Azizan, Anwar kept up with his drama by putting on neck braces, stuck behind a wheelchair to claim as if he suffered bad injuries.

Some did fall for the drama. But it was later proven to be false as Anwar could walk around and not wear any neck braces while he was in jail, he could even play takraw and table tennis.

Not just that, he also did claim that his life was in danger when the car used by Wan Azizah broke down and was sent to a workshop for a month, for that, he claimed that it was a conspiracy to murder him.

Unable to raise any attention from there, another issue came up, him sodomizing his personal aide, Saiful Bukhari, all of the sudden, Anwar had to hide at Turkey Embassy over the excuse that there is a murder attempt made against him.

That is how Anwar is, he starts all the issues, others had to clean it.

The crisis in Sabah only points back to Anwar Ibrahim, that is why one of his goons, Tian Chua became one of the first to trigger perception by saying that Sabah intrusion is just a political conspiracy made by the Central Government.

That is how Anwar operates. Malaysia’s biggest drama queen.



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