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dap old and youngWith the year ending and the general election is considered as still few months away, the oppositions are still grappling with internal conflicts and also within the alliance itself.

The three parties – DAP, PAS and PKR – are not seeing each other ‘eye-to-eye’ in every political sense as each party go their way to gain as much influence as each can, forgetting the ‘togetherness’ they are supposed to forged to take over Putrajaya.

2012 is a year of ‘disaster’ for the three opposition parties as they see their strength and influence eroding by the day and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) is on the offensive.

Since the past few years, the oppositions under the unregistered alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have been on the offensive picking up issues that attracted Malaysians but apparently, the issues did not stick.

Just a passing fade, like games with the youngsters, seasonal and do not last long, which at present got the oppositions worried.

Whatever being highlighted and raised have thus far ‘climbed the popularity charts very fast and came down fast too’ which had them repeating again and again, adding new ‘actors’ and updating with new angles.

Latest is the ‘ugly blood curling incidents’ claiming BN ‘thugs’ did them in desperation and so on, plus the repeat of scorpene and Altantuya, all aiming at keeping the issues afloat and alive so that Malaysians at large continue being reminded.

In reality, most of the public are fed up with the repeats, just like Astro HBOs…and the updates that the oppositions gave are always the same persons giving out the briefings and nothing new.

So this year, updates of the repetitions did not attract the much interests and this worry the oppositions as their recent ceramahs have also seen dwindling number of audiences, only same faces all over the country.

2012 is not their year and this scenario is expected to get worse as all the three parties in the opposition face internal problems.

DAP is facing internal squabbles with Karpal Singh now questioning every move that the party leaders make with the exception of to’kong Lim Guan Eng.

Karpal’s actions have antagonized many DAP leaders who, many said are presently in the quiet trying to gather enough support to at the very least keep his mouth shut.

Karpal’s outbursts have somewhat divide further the already split party where non-Malays are still not accepted despite the party claiming to be multi-racial.

And Karpal has also antagonized the party’s partners PAS in condemning them against the party’s moved in including non-Muslims in the implementation of Hudud laws.

Adding to their problems is the anti-Malay brand that the party carries after its recently concluded convention which saw no Malays being elected into the leadership line-up.

So with the anti-Malay brand and racial ‘turbulences’ as a result of Karpal’s explosion on issues involving the acceptance of Datukship and land deal in Kelantan, DAP may see the party split may result in the party performing just as it was before 2008 general election.

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