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BERITADong Zhong Wants To Isolate Chinese

Dong Zhong Wants To Isolate Chinese

Seven Chinese main organization led by Dong Zhong had finalized the decision on Chinese Education Memorandum which lists 49 demands which will handed to the Prime Minister in any time now.

Few of their demands include wanting the government to abolish all of the requirements in building schools, claiming that the government should cover all the development costs and land for Chinese schools and to implement various education policies to be compared to the current one-system policy which is practiced now.

What is claimed by these Chinese organizations had proven that they really want to isolate the Chinese from the society and development of the nation.

Looking at the arrogance of Chinese who is often proud of their power in economy in Malaysia, making them want to establish this ‘Chinese Supremacy’ group where they would be on top and they do not need to mix with any other races. Their action is almost like they want to establish an apartheid system which isolates other races in Malaysia.

Apartheid was officially established in Africa after their 1948 election which isolates the people to four groups, indigenous people, the white, asian and other races. All of these groups were put away from any education, medical, public properties or even their homes, they would be put away from all of those, sometimes with violence.

Actually, Dong Zhong has been fighting to implement apartheid in Malaysia for quite a while and they would not budge. They would even march on and push the government with illogical demands to fulfil their objectives.

But, we cannot help but to wonder why would these Chinese extremist groups would want to ask the government to cover the cost to implement their dark agenda?

It would not be wise for the government to use the country and rakyat’s money to help these extremists just to change their social status for their own interest.

If Dong Zhong wants to develop Chinese schools which runs and practices the culture of China, they should not ask for funds from Malaysian government. This is because it do not follow the government’s aspiration of 1Malaysia.

In short, if Dong Zhong wants to develop a China in Malaysia, they should be fought, not helped.

What Dong Zhong want is dangerous. Their agenda is more than just for ‘Chinese education’ in form of the subject of Chinese language, because if it is, it could be settled by providing extra classes to cater to it.

It is not time for the government to be harsh with these extremists. They are no different than those religious extremists which all could deter the nation’s peace and harmony. With the apartheid aspiration that they want to implement, it is not impossible that the country could suffer the fate like Africa back then within 10 to 20 years from now if their demands are not fulfilled.



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