Even DAP Is Not Free From Corruption And Power Abuse #pakdin.my

The fact that almost everyone might have forgotten, DAP is just as same as any other political parties in this country. The reason why they exist is to form a government and to promote their agenda. If PAS is proud with its fight for Islam, DAP in the other hand, promotes integrity and clarity and any other words so that it could exist.

Even though their real intention is to build a government with a Chinese as a leader.

From there, it is not surprising when one of their State Assemblyman (ADUN) DAP for Kg Tunku in Selangor, Lau Weng Sen recently had a police report battle with one of his assistant regarding criminal breach of trust-CBT which involves quite a sum of money.

The story, in writer’s point of view, is easy. The amount of money that was involved was not that big, only RM5,000. The story mentioned as if the money somehow failed to be deposited into the account of the ADUN by his assistant. But the assistant denied the claim. Why make a fuss out of it? If it is true that the money has been deposited? Show the record. Why lodge police report?

Obviously when police report was made, they are trying to show that this is a serious case and that they want to hide something from the rakyat. And just like any other preparations for legal actions, police report has to be made. As an ADUN from DAP who is swamped with lawyers, Weng Sen is aware of this.

In a way, the police report is one of the ways to protect Weng Sen from other claims that might hit him later. It does not mean that he is being transparent.

Information that writer has received said that, the RM5,000 was a form of contribution given by a construction company for Weng San’s ‘service’ in getting them one of the projects in Selangor. The same source also said to writer that the amount is a lot bigger but it was given in stages through Weng Sen’s representative, Dariff Din.

Another one of Weng Sen’s assistant who was involved is known as Evelyn Gan, but the woman was fired since last April on the claim of embezzling money that were supposed to be given to Weng Sen.

The reason why writer brought this up is to mention to rakyat DAP is not free from corruption and power abuse. The do not have to go around telling that they are free from those things. They did the same thing that people had been accusing UMNO of doing (which majority of the claims did not have enough evidence in Court).

Maybe the RM5,000 might have gone into Weng Sen’s account with the rest going into DAP’s account. The crime of CBT is not as big as others, but it is still a crime. Today it may just involve an ADUN with his assistant, who knows what would happen in the future if rakyat give them power to lead the country.

Obviously, by then, RM5,000 is nothing to them.

This is not surprising because the case of the death of Teoh Beng Hock (suicide), has revealed how unclean DAP is to fill up their account. Few of them include covering the cost for Class F projects that is made specially for Bumiputera contractors and then taking most of the profit of those projects to fill up the party’s account.

Those are the ones which have been told, who know what other things that they are hiding in their pockets.