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POLITIKEven Karpal Remembers Nik Aziz's Birthday, How Can Azizan Forget?

Even Karpal Remembers Nik Aziz’s Birthday, How Can Azizan Forget?

Nik Aziz turut memotong kek yang disediakan Karpal sebagai tanda ulangtahun kelahirannya ke-82, sambil disaksikan pemimpin DAP, PAS dan PKR.On January 28, Nik Aziz was reported to have attended a Thaipusam celebration event in Penang organized by Pakatan Rakyat. Those who attended the event include DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh.

And by evening, Nik Aziz visited Karpal Singh at his residence followed by a celebration of Nik Aziz’s birthday, complete with a cake decorated with all of PR’s component parties.

Harakahdaily reported that the visit was very welcomed by Pakatan Rakyat supporters that some of them ended in tears. That is how happy they are to see the friendship between a person who is called Mursyidul Am and an Anti-Islam leader, working together to reach Putrajaya.

It is not wrong if we are to say that the happiness which they had on Nik Aziz’s birthday is just as same as Malaysiakini readers’ happiness as they celebrate the dismissal of Nasharuddin Mat Isa from the Syura Council through their comments.

For your info, Nik Aziz’s date of birth is January 10, 1931. We are not sure whether Karpal did the preparation to celebrate Nik Aziz’s birthday at his residence or it was planned by Nik Aziz’s side.

If Nik Aziz’s side was the one which planned the event, then it would be weird because during the visit to the north, he was reported to have visited the residence of Kedah Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak on January 27. That is why, Nik Aziz could have celebrated his birthday at Azizan’s home instead of Karpal’s.

Perhaps, unlike Karpal, Azizan might have forgotten Nik Aziz’s birthday. As we all know, celebrating birthdays is more of a ‘Mat Saleh’ culture and it is not a norm for PAS people. That is why, we are not surprised if Azizan and Nik Aziz never even remember their family members’ birthdays, or even celebrate it. Besides that, PAs is also famous for being a bunch of chauvinist men where they are not really friendly with their family.

Thus, PAS members were somehow touched with Karpal’s effort in celebrating Naik Aziz’s birthday. Perhaps this is the first time they personally understand the meaning of ‘appreciation’ from others. Tok Guru definitely believe that this is the meaning of true friendship.

If this is how Karpal appreciates his friendship, then it is not surprising why Nik Aziz focuses more on DAP’s orders than demands from PAS or even the Quran itself. Considering that Malays do appreciate whatever it is that is given to them, Tok Guru would definitely feel ’embarrased’ to go against opinions or orders from Karpal after this.

Looking back at history, before PAS became friends with DAP, PAS was famous for taking extreme approach in going against non-Muslims. During the time, some PAS members even followed an unwritten law where they should never vote for non-Muslim as their assemblyman. This is the main factor why UMNO is rejected, all because of the excuse where UMNO works alongside MCA and MIC.

However, those are all old stories, before PAS gets to know DAP better. PAS has now changed, the party is now even more open than UMNO.

Today, UMNO would die defending religion and race, but PAS would die rather than leaving DAP. For PAS, let Hasan Ali die, let Nasharuddin go, as long as it pleases DAP.

Besides, Karpal is just fighting against Islam, not Tok Guru, right?



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