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Faekah’s Open Letter To Tun M: Faekah Needs To Explain Why PAS Sacked Hassan Ali Before She Writes To Tun M – Part 1

 Political Secretary to Selangor Chief Minister, Faekah Hussin, has made an open letter to former Premier, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, to deny his statement saying that Malays’ rights as well as the sanctity of Islam could be under threat if Pakatan Rakyat remain in power in Selangor.

Faekah said, the statement is too much, rude, and it shows that Tun Mahathir is far behind in terms of the current political development, other than insulting Religious Institution and King in Selangor.

What is more interesting, Faekah also seem to be concerned that the statement would be a liability to the 1Malaysia slogan promoted by BN.

Faekah began her letter by expressing her utmost respect towards all Sultan as the guardians for the sanctity of Islam, while stressing the status of Klang as a Royal City, the lace where Tun Mahathir made the statement, to show how Pakatan Rakyat respects Malay Royal Institution. She said, PR leaves all matters involving Islam to Selangor Islamic Religious Council and the Selangor Islamic Religious Department without any political intervention.

Faekah brought out evidence for budget in developing mosques, religious schools, KAFA teachers’ allowance to strengthen the point of saying that PR does not ignore the sanctity of Islam. Besides that, Faekah also accused Tun Mahathir as being in contempt of religious learning, belittles qiamullail activities but acts like a saint.

Faekah also insulted the word ‘mantan’ (former) by saying that it is no longer relevant. Who knows which ‘ulama’ taught her this.

Allah SWT reminded us how before we push aside messages given by the prophet, to learn from history and the consequences for those who did not listen to prophets at their time, how they end up in destruction thanks to their arrogance.

Those who are lost are among those who always ignore history and opinions given by experienced people. It is clear that these kind of people are just a bunch of idiots and arrogant. It is clear that Faekah is one of them.

By looking down upon Tun Mahathir, who is acknowledged as a world-class leader, it is not surprising why Faekah is lost, caused by her stupidity.

We would like to ask Faekah, when did PR ever respect Sultans, or even YDP Agong?

Wasn’t it ADUN PKR who blasted Sultan by claiming that the post of Secretary of State (SUK) does not require any consent from Selangor Sultan, and asked the Sultan to just follow the decision made by State Executive Council (SEC)?

If it is true that PR do respect Royal Institution, why did Selangor government fail to follow protocols when not even Senior Government Officials including Chief Minister himself, welcomed the Queen during the launch of International Islamic Songs Festival in July 4, 2010? Selangor government did not even promote the event that the event did not get much attendance?

On April 2010, Sultan Selangor ordered that serious actions should be taken against those who uses mosques for political reasons. However, Sultan’s orders were crushed by Nik Aziz in a press conference made the next day, by saying,”Who says we cannot talk about politics in mosques. This is the kind of teachings brought by those Englishmen and practiced by Muslims. Sad, this is politics, this is the work of Western colonialists, separating religion and politics.”

This is few of the evidence to show how PR often goes against Sultan. Why would Faekah lie about this, saying as if PR will always defend Malay Royal Institution? Does she think that rakyat do not know that few of DAP’s main objective is to abolish Malay Royal Institution> Or she’s the only one unaware of this?

So, is it wrong for Tun Mahathir to warn about the dangers of PR for Malays and Islam?

Tun Mahathir is not a religious graduate, but so does Faekah. However, Tun Mahathir should be given ‘ulama’ title which means ‘knowledgeable person’, while Faekah is far from getting the title. This is because all the service and wisdom given by Tun Mahathir can be seen clearly, around the country.

Faekah should understand that not all people with religious credentials cannot be criticized and not all of them are good.

Religious schools during Tun Mahathir’s era has proven to be a factory producing stupid extremists which does not even bring any benefit to the country. Sauk and Memali are few of the clear evidence to be used as reference.

What is worse, product of these schools are the ones who destroys all goods. This is because, most of these schools did not teach religion, instead, they brainwash children with political understandings of PR’s ally, PAS, which is often misleading.

The basic elements of Islam, values of courtesy, as well as learning worldly things to prepare these children to become khalifah (leaders), were ignored by these religious schools. Thus, even if they memorized all kinds of prayers and the contents of the Quran, we have no choice but to accept the fact the products of these schools are also involved in social issues such as gangsterism, adultery, abandoning babies and even homosexual activities.

These kind of schools should be stopped before the country is filled with people who are confused. Why? Because most of their product often fail to fill requirements to further their studies. And for those who did manage to get through, they would fail halfway in universities.

As for those who studies in countries which suffer the same issue, decides to mix up culture with religious studies.

When they go back to Malaysia, they do not have any credentials to work in any sectors. The only industry they can go is religious-politics. In the end, they had to become religious school teachers, or open up their own school and teach according to what they were taught when they were small.

If Faekah could think a little more, she might just understand that issues involving apostate in Selangor somewhat happens due to the confusion brought by the products of these political religious schools.

Even if Faekah could not see it that far, she does not need to pretend to not know that her boss, Khalid Ibrahim did not think twice to slam the Islamic Religious Department and defended the church when the apostate case was revealed. And Faekah does not need to pretend to not know how Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali, one of the ones who really defend Islam, was pushed from various angles that he ended up getting kicked out from PAS and PR Selangor, just because he wanted to defend Islam.

The issue on kalimah Allah also show how PR is unable to stop threats given by DAP towards Islam. PKR openly support the use of kalimah Allah in Bible even though they know the reason to this is so that it would make it easier for the Christians to convert Muslims. PAS is unable to say much about this, only thing they could do was be nice with DAP and say otherwise in front of their followers and in mainstream media.

We still do not know what is PAS; decision on this matter, because according to Syura Council, the ban is only subjected to PAS members only. DAP or anyone who are not part of PAS, can use kalimah Allah in Bible, or any religious books. However, when asked about the statement, PAS denied it.

That is why, Faekah do not have to look out for numbers to show that PR defends Islam. It would be better if she explain how the increase in budget for those religious schools contributes to the increase in apostate case, and the growing numbers of nightclubs in Selangor.



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