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BERITAiPhone 5 Users Seeing “Green Glow” Display Anomaly; Are We Just Being...

iPhone 5 Users Seeing “Green Glow” Display Anomaly; Are We Just Being Too Picky?

Scratchgate, Purple Flare, Now it’s Green Haze for the iPhone 5

The amount of attention given to Apple’s iPhone 5 is hit new heights in recent days, and mostly for the wrong reasons. And it’s not surprising, given the buzz generated for each and every Apple product. Even the Antennagate issue from the iPhone 4 didn’t dampen sales of the old flagship smartphone, and to their credit, Apple did make the best out of a bad situation.

With the iPhone 5, however, it appears as if Apple is trying really hard to outdo itself. With some poor quality management at their manufacturing factories, and then some complaints related to its camera lens, it is safe to say that Apple does not need more bad press for its iPhone 5.

Unfortunately, there is now the Green Haze.

While it is hard to replicate consistently, some owners have complained that there is a green glow along the edge of the iPhone 5’s screen when it is woken up. While the glow goes away soon after appearing, many are questioning why it is there in the first place. Again, Apple have been generous in providing a free exchange to owners who are able to successfully demonstrate it at Apple Stores, but so far Apple has not provided any statement regarding this issue.

On the other hand, photography website dpreview has waded in to the Purple Flare issue with the iPhone 5’s camera, and as earlier mentioned, it appears that even though the issue is more prevalent on the iPhone 5’s lens than other camera smartphones, other cameras are also liable to the purple flare (in dpreview’s article, they used an iPhone 4S).

(Source: Pocketnow)



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