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The Auditor-General’s Report is now the ‘bible’ and reference book for the oppositions to hit out at the ruling party, especially after they succeeded in nailing National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) through AG’s Report.

In Dewan Rakyat, the oppositions keep picking up the weaknesses in the AG’s Report, trying to nail down anything that could stick but this time around, they could not find any thus far.

So they aim for AES ( Automated Enforcement System), hoping the issue would stick as motorists are always against summonses and if there are new methods to track their mistakes.

Motorists have always ‘up in arms’ against laws that will cost them money because they are always going against the laws…it’s a kind of habit, not only in Malaysia but everywhere in the world.

Its normal human behavior which can be controlled through strict discipline because flouting laws on the road can cost death, which is a worrying trend especially during holiday seasons.

But because of politics and with the aim to gain influence and votes, the oppositions are trying to get the government to withdraw the system, citing so many reasons.

When one considers the oppositions lashing out against the system, one wonders whether these people in the oppositions truly value life or just want to gain control of the government…without care.

One wonders whether the oppositions are truly championing the cause of the people or their own self- interests when they go against something that is good and safe life.

If the AES, proven in other countries, developed countries in that aspect, can save lives and discipline motorists, why is it that the oppositions continue opposing it if they do not have ulterior motives of their own.

The reason they gave that the tender was given to cronies is just an excuse to go along with their allegations of corruption for every government project, after all that has been their line of campaign which they think can influence the minds of the people.

It is sad that the oppositions here are not playing the role of constructive criticisms like in other countries but instead harping on issues that can bring them benefits in terms of influence and votes.

In short, the oppositions in the country are nothing but full of opportunists with personal agenda and the irony is that there are Malaysians who believe in them – blind loyalty – despite knowing they are being cheated openly.

But the truth and reality are beginning to emerge with many voters now taking the oppositions to court for failures to fulfill the promises made during the 2008 general election.

Hopefully, such actions may open up the eyes and minds of others who will then know how to evaluate between a glass and diamond.

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