The writing is already on the wall…PAS and DAP may go their own ways given the unending verbal spat both parties are having regarding the Hudud laws and former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

DAP strongman Karpal Singh, being used by the party ‘emperor and son’, has been tirelessly demanded PAS to sack Nasharuddin and drop the Hudud laws aspiration, without any care to the co-operation they have had since 2008 general election.

As far as Karpal is concerned, he is assigned to bark while Kit Siang and Guan Eng play the ‘good cop’ role but their act, as far as PAS is concern, is nothing new as PAS leaders and members can read in-between as well as indepth.

PAS veterans – the fundamentalists – who built the party since the 50s know the political game and know what DAP is all about, in and out, like a book read hundred of times.

PAS fundamentalist leaders that included Ulamak chief Datuk Harun Taib are not new in politics as they have been ‘gone through the political mills’ and they know DAP’s inner motives.

At the same time, they also know the liberals in the party who now being elected in the leadership line-up, they know the man behind these liberals and they know what these liberals are up to.

In fact, they always go along with the liberals but to a certain limit where they put their foot down and then watch the reactions, old hands in the game.

Similar strategy these fundamentalists apply to DAP, follow whatever beneficial to the party and put the foot down to whatever does not benefit the party but one thing which these fundamentalists will not give in – the party’s objective to set up an Islamic state and implement Hudud laws.

And the fact that Karpal is adamant and strongly against the two principles, the fundamentalists knew Karpal is only acting on orders from both the Lims, and they knew the Lims would not voice their views openly for fear of ‘rocking the boat.’

Fundamentalists in PAS know the two Lims are against anything Islam as the two parties have worked together before in previous general elections but they can never work together in a government.

Even working together in previous general elections, both parties have limitations in their tolerance towards each other because their objectives are world apart and there is no meeting point.

Their co-operation is truly a marriage of convenience which is to pull the votes from BN and nothing more…if they ever win the majority….they would be fighting on what kind of government they should have because both parties have different objectives.

Given such a scenario where the verbal spat on basic principles are questioned and doubted, and given the liberals undermining PAS’ strength, it is better that the party go on its own in the coming general election.

After all, PKR is a non-existence party as it has lost its ground and influence, even DAP would not want to carry such a burden.