PKNK CEO Might Be Sacked?

Y.Bhg Dato’ Hj. Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of Kedah State Development Corporation (PKNK) risks the probability of being sacked for humiliating PAS through the issue of buying FGVH shares.

Dato’ Abdul Rahman previously confirmed that PKNK had bought 500,000 FGVH shares which became controversial because it was fully objected by the opposition. His actions gave a huge blow to Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak, Kedah’s Chief Minister because it clashes with the mission of Pakatan Rakyat.

Mazlan Aliman who championed this issue within PAS was said to have been raged with the action and expressed the matter to leaders of central PAS.

Central PAS previously gave a special order to its members to help Mazlan Aliman by joining the Orange rally last Saturday with the objective of suspending FGVH shares. With PKNK buying the shares, this had put PAS in a tough, and weird position, while Mazlan Aliman is seen as a clown.

The objection towards FGVH listing is not a small issue. That matter was raised by PAS that it turned to one of the biggest issue for the coming election. Thus, PKNK’s action in buying the shares which was objected by PAS is surely their biggest mistake. For that, a person should be fully responsible.

Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak who is often blurry, confused and ’empty’, tried to repair the situation by saying that it was ‘technical error’ and that PKNK could sell off the shares.

It is clear that the PKNK Chairman did not want to be responsible, as usual. That is the burden goes to PKNK’s CEO, Dato’ Abdul Rahman.

When the fact is, the decision made by Dato’ Abdul Rahman was not fully on him, it should have been decided by the Board of Directors of PKNK. There is no way that they would invest RM2 million of their money without discussing the matter with the Board.

Dato’ Abdul Rahman has been in the industry for a long time, obviously with his knowledge, he had given it a long thought before buying FGVH shares. He was obviously looking for profit.

Too bad, no he faces the pressure to sell off the shares.

It seems like his experience did not really matter among PAS who puts politics in front of everything. Dato’ Abdul Rahman would probably end up being their scape goat for this issue to safe Azizan’s face and to relief PAS’s rage.

If this happens, then PKNK would suffer two losses where they had to sell of their FGVH shares and that they would lose Dato’ Abdul Rahman. But all that do not really matter for PAS, as long as they have issues and materials for the campaign in the near future.