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BERITANASIONAL#SSYBN : After UNISEL, KUIS Would Be Destroyed @Khalid_Ibrahim

#SSYBN : After UNISEL, KUIS Would Be Destroyed @Khalid_Ibrahim

PR Selangor government do not even have any time to handle the issues that hit UNISEL, and now, the issue of Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor (KUIS) comes up.

Just like UNISEL, KUIS is going through financial crisis and they are not getting any help from anyone or even the state government. It cannot be certain whether this issue has been going on since the change of Rector in 2010, but what is certain is that KUIS has never suffered such thing when BN ruled Selangor.

Perhaps to handle this financial issue, recently KUIS ordered its students to live in hostel. And since a few years back, KUIS had increased the hostel fee with quite a high  amount of pay. For example, a hostel D with 4 people in a room would be charged with RM550 per head, now has been increased to RM700 each. Other hostels even come up to RM1,000 each.

KUIS’s study fees have also been increasing each year up to 100%. This matter were raised by a few sides to the media during the end of last year for the attention of Selangor government so that they would handle the issue as soon as possible. But, up until now, Selangor government is still yet to do anything.

Due to that, things are getting worse for students that they need to work while studying just so that they could cover their expensive cost of living and their study fees. Most of them had to stop studying because of this.

Thus, many questions, is this how PR Selangor settles issues, especially when it comes to education?

Is this how it should be?

When students begin to quit, KUIS would definitely be in deep trouble. Things would get worse as intakes gets lower and lower because students simply cannot afford to study there.

That is why, to cover all of the cost of operation and utilities, KUIS is putting all of the burden to its students. This then led to low number of students coming in, and lower income for KUIS.

We do not understand why PR do not even care about colleges that are under their supervision?

With the big pile of money like they always tell rakyat, why can’t they help KUIS, UNISEL or KUIN in Kedah to ensure that our childrens’ education remain secure?

Is it because PR do not have any money? Or that they are not wise enough to handle this issue? Or they simply do not care when it comes to education for rakyat?

We cannot be sure on why would PR Selangor spend tons of money for legal fees of PR leaders in court. They even spend a lot for their political programs. And all of those were spent even before the election. Just imagine how much money they would ‘invest’ for their election campaign soon?

If this is how PR want to raise votes, by focusing all of their strategy, idea and financial sources for politics and not for rakyat, PR should just forget about Putrajaya. They should stop making promises for free education or just about anything, because not just that they cannot be trusted, this matter is not funny anymore.

Education is not a small matter, it involves the future. If they are unable to handle this, what else can we hope from PR government?



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