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POLITIKTranscript Of @NajibRazak Online Chat On NST Live (12-June-2012)

Transcript Of @NajibRazak Online Chat On NST Live (12-June-2012)

Najib Razak:

Hi, i am Najib and i am looking forward to engage with u online. Hopefully we will have a productive session.

Comment From KFTANG

A very good afternoon, Datuk Seri Prime Minister and all netizens. Dear Prime Minister, to begin with, have you decided on the date of the coming 13th General Election which is eagerly and anxiously awaited by all Malaysians? Any indications for us all to know? Thank you.

Najib Razak:

I am looking at all possibilites ! Any suggestions that u have in mind?

Comment From Mohamad Arif

Salam Dato’ Sri, The 2011 SPM students who had just enrolled in Matriculation and IPTA/IPTS last week has not enjoyed neither the RM100 eduaction aid nor the RM200 book voucher, Does the govt has plans to give them such aids? If so, may I suggest the aid is given in cash form as the majority of them had already purchased their text books using their pocket money. Thank you Sir.

Najib Razak:

The RM 200 book voucher programme was announced as a one-off to help students at the tertiary level. We are in the process of formulating Budget 2013 to decide on whether we can afford to continue such assistance in the future. We are a caring government but what we can do for the people must be predicated on our affordability.

Comment From All For The Road

Datuk Seri Prime Minister, a very good afternoon to you. May I ask, will there be a second BR1M handout for poor Malaysians? Will it be more than RM500?

Najib Razak:

Popular question , indeed. I will be looking at our govt’s cashflow soon to decide whether we can afford to do a 2nd BR1M whilst ensuring fiscal discipline.

Comment From Muhamad Firdaus

Datuk Seri Saya Muhamad Firdaus Daripada Alor Gajah Melaka, saya ingin mencadangkan agar lebih banyak lagi cawangan Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia dibuka dan saya berharap agar kedai rakyat 1 Malaysia dapat dibuka di Pekan Alor Gajah. Kami masyarakat Alor Gajah amat berharap pengwujudan kedai ini.

Najib Razak:

Saya bersetuju dengan permintaan saudara dengan syarat ada premis yang sesuai.

Comment From nor

Datuk… there are many initiatives taken by the government for the well-being of rakyat.. but are we able to sustain economically, and are we creating a society that is too dependent and subsidy oriented?

Najib Razak:

No, on the contrary, we are people’s government. Therefore, we care for the needs of the rakyat whilst maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Comment From KFTANG

Datuk Seri, you have announced 2013 Budget will be tabled in Parliament on 28 September 2012. Will there be any ‘goodies’ for all sections of the population?

Najib Razak:

There will always be something for the people but you have to wait for the presentation of the Budget.

Comment From dr kamal

How r u going to balance the choice between older generation and new generation of leaders since 40% of voters r new voters & old generation has money for election machinaries?

Najib Razak:

BN has to re-invigorate itself by choosing new talents and at the same time, ensuring continuity by maintaining some present leaders who are still popular with the people.

Comment From All For The Road

How would you view the country’s economic outlook for the later part of this year and next year?

Najib Razak:

I remain cautiously optimistic because of the resilience of the Malaysian economy especially since we have implemented the reforms through our GTP and ETP programmes but there are downside risks to the global economy which we must be aware of.

Comment From dr kamal

If young voters vote for BN,what guarantees can u provide to them?

Najib Razak:

That tomorrow will be much better than today. We have proven that we can deliver. Young people want opportunities for advancement and better quality of life. BN can fulfill their aspirations.

Comment From All For The Road

Datuk Seri, how do you view the recent spate of violent crimes targetting women over the past two weeks? Is the police doing anything? Your Home Minister has said that was not indicative of a rising crime rate in the country. Care to comment.

Najib Razak:

We are concerned with all kinds of violence including against women. The general crime rate has fallen but more has to be done to ensure that the rakyat feels more secure.

Comment From KFTANG

Datuk Seri, what is your one great wish and vision as prime minister for all Malaysians?

Najib Razak:

I wish that all Malaysians will live in a truly harmonious and prosperous country as envisioned by our desire to transform Malaysia as a fully developed high income nation.

Comment From Mohamad Affian Nordin

~ Mr Prime Minister I see you obviously optimistic that the BN and UMNO will win this round up, GE13. You want to share why and how ?…, ~

Najib Razak:

I am encouraged by the response that I can gauge directly from the rakyat especially when I meet them in my countless visits throughout the country. I believe the level of trust and confidence in the government has increased because we have proven that through our national transformation policy, we can deliver what the rakyat wants for the country.

Comment From amah_umno

You have said on many occasions, in your capacity as BN chairman, that the gong has been sounded. The signs are already there, with the BR1M and so on. When are you calling for the general election? Is it going to be soon, before Hari Raya Puasa

Najib Razak:

What is your preference?

Comment From petlover

Datuk Seri, the newspapers today reported about two baby pandas coming to Malaysia from China, on loan for 10 years. Why did you make the request and how do you see it affecting our relations with China?

Najib Razak:

The pandas are treasured animals for China and their decision to allow us to have a pair is a great symbol of the warm and close relations that we have with China. I’m confident that the pandas will be a major attraction for Malaysians and visitors alike.

Comment From Riaz

Salam, Dato’ Seri. Instead of spending so much on random handouts for the poor, why doesn’t the government spend it on long-term development of education and healthcare? Giving money to people is the same as giving them fish for one day only.

Najib Razak:

We have the means to do both. In our feedback, we have ascertained that reducing the cost of living is a major concern of the people. That is why I announced it as a short-term measure but for the long-term, we are addressing it through measures such as increasing the pay of civil servants between 7 to 13 per cent, introducing the minimum wage for the private sector and creating more jobs through our ETP programme.

Comment From anak sarawak

salam datuk seri prime minister, there are talks that it is going to be very tough for bn to tackle the urban areas, especially the chinese voters, what is your take on this

Najib Razak:

We have to continue our engagement with the urban voters including the Chinese. They have to understand that their future will be better with Barisan Nasional as we can ensure peace, stability, harmony and a more prosperous society. The major difference is that the degree of certainty with respect to our ability to deliver is much greater.

Comment From Aziman Md Sharul

salam dato seri saya memohon maaf bahasa inggeris amat tak berapa pandai saya ingin bertanya dgn dato seri bagaimana belia yang belajar tidak berapa pandai serta kurang mendapat keputusan yang baik ingin mendapat peluang perkerajaan dalam sektor kerajaaan

Najib Razak:

Kita membuka peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia untuk memohon pekerjaan di sektor kerajaan tertakluk kepada kelulusan yang diperolehi oleh saudari dan juga bilangan pejawatan.

Comment From Ashraf Fauzi

Dear Datuk Seri and fellow Malaysian. What do you think Malaysia’s chance of getting the gold medal in the coming Olympic games in London, especially from our nation’s hero Dato Lee Chong Wei? Thank you Datuk.

Najib Razak:

He has a reasonably good chance of winning the gold medal but he has to strengthen his personal resolve as he will be up against his nemesis Lin Dan. I want all Malaysians to give our moral support to Chong Wei for I believe he can do it.

Comment From Salman

Salam Datuk Seri Prime Minister. Has a decision been made on the Lynas plant yet? Minister Ongkili said 3 weeks ago that it would be made in two weeks?

Najib Razak:

We have to go through the process of convincing the people that the plant will be safe. The government has not made a final decision yet and will not do so until we are fully satisfied and that the people will feel that anything untoward will happen to them including in the long term.

Comment From zulyahya

Assalamualaikum… DS Najib, soalan suka2.. tahun ni raya warna apa?

Najib Razak:

Baju biru untuk Barisan pun boleh … Warna merah untuk Umno pun boleh …

Comment From sheeela

Hi, Mr PM Sir! Just want to let you know that you are truly the people’s leader, with your positive engagement through facebook and Twitter. Hope you will continue to lead Malaysia for another 10 years, at least! We need leaders like you, who are willing to engage so personally with the people.

Comment From Guest

How can your transformation programs benefit the senior citizens?

Najib Razak:

Creating wealth for the nation will benefit all. With greater wealth we can provide for facilities and better services including for senior citizens eg better health services, better retirement benefits and other short-term benefits as well.

Comment From Desmond Jerukan

Its good to see you online YAB Prime Minister. Greetings from our Sarawak Social Media Association. We look forward to the extension of Wireless Villages in rural Sarawak so as to narrow the Digital Divide Gap especially for the rural population so if the Government can prioritize the arrival of ICT Infrastructure at the same time as Rural Electricity is implemented it will certainly be well received. Rural students accessibility to the Information Highway are limited to the school IT Labs and the rural folks experience poor broadband reception thus creating a wide Digital Poverty Gap with their Urban cousins who have unlimited access to the Information rich internet. Hopefully YAB can find an innovative way via the relevant Ministries to address this Digital Poverty Gap.

Najib Razak:

Noted. We are in the process of addressing this

Comment From Nik Ahmad

Dear PM, had just arrived back from Umrah…Felda D’Saji is doing good biz in Mecca, catering to the needs of pilgrims from world over..Tahniah DS..Should have it too in Medina..what’s your comment?

Najib Razak:

The Felda restaurant in Mecca is a good beginning but let it be established first because we are in the process of learning to succeed in a new business environment and culture. I can put this to the management of Felda to consider a similar venture in Madinah sometime in the future.

Comment From DEVI

Good Afternoon Dato Seri Prime Minister. Do you have any ideas on incentives for Private Sectors employees who are under medium range of salary ?

Najib Razak:

In the medium term, we should look at the tax structure and incentives that we can provide for the middle class. This is subjected to our ability to restructure the revenue base for the country. If we can increase our sources of revenue, then we could consider a medium term reduction in personal income tax and provide more incentives.

Comment From Shahrul

Salam Datuk Seri, so far i quite impress with all Transformation programmed done by government such as BRIM, etc etc. But i see its more focus on lower class and below.How about benefit for middle class citizens which is also contribute a lot for income tax?

Najib Razak:

For the middle class, we need to look at some of the incentives that we can consider from time to time. Meanwhile, our ability to create more wealth and provide higher paying jobs will also benefit the middle class together with the other initiatives like our housing programmes, improvement in public transport and health programmes.

Comment From azhari

salam dato’…saya nak bertanya..apa yang dato’ akan buat jika dato’ benar-benar susah hati..ialah dengan tanggungjawab yang dato pikul sebagai pm..semestinya xmudah. jika boleh berkongsi. terima kasih.

Najib Razak:

Saya tidak boleh terlalu risau kerana saya mesti berada dalam mindset yang sentiasa positif. Sekiranya saya menghadapi banyak cabaran, saya dapati kekuatan spiritual melalui ibadat dan doa yang saya lakukan. Semoga Allah SWT akan memberi petunjuk kepada saya dalam menghadapi semua cabaran dan dugaan.

Najib Razak:

Thank you to all. It has been a very refreshing engagement. It makes me want to do even more for the rakyat and for Malaysia.

NST Online:

Ladies and gentlemen, that was the last question for today. Thank you very much for sending in all the questions and comments. Unfortunately we could not answer them all in the limited time we have today.






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