Windows 8 Shipping In October Says Microsoft

At long last, Microsoft has finally set a date for the delivery of the long awaited Windows 8 to consumers. The next iteration of the operating system will be set to RTM in the first week of August and will ship at the end of October.

Windows 8 will not only be released on partner devices but they will also be releasing in 109 countries in 231 at the same time.

As previously announced, Microsoft will be giving all customers who purchase Windows 7 PCs the option to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just US$14.99 on top of their existing US$39.99 deal for Windows versions going back to XP.

This begs the question: Will we be seeing the touch capable Ultrabooks that Intel and other manufacturers were showing off earlier this year come October as well?

Most manufacturers were waiting on Windows 8 to be released before saying anything, but we’ll have to see now who will be the first to come out with a touch capable device.

Any one in particular you want to see? The Lenovo Yoga has got my vote!

(Source: Mashable)