Windows 8 Release Preview Is Now Available Online

Just three months after Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released into the web, here comes yet another pre-launch edition of Windows 8 for consumers to try their hands on. Called as the Windows 8 Release Preview, the installer is available for download right away in both 32-bit and 64-bit version with file size ranging from 2.4GB to 3.4GB as well as in 11 different languages.

At a glance, the Windows 8 Release Preview might looked exactly like the Consumer Preview edition that was released back in February but of course, there are quite a number of new features and improvements have been included into it. These include:

– New apps from Microsoft and partners such as Bing Travel, News and Sports.
– Improvements to Mail, Photo and People apps.
– Increased personalization option for the Start screen.
– Improved multi-monitor support.
– Refinements to the way users find and download apps through the Windows Store.
– New Family Safety features.
– Integration of touch-friendly and power-optimized Adobe Flash Player with Internet Explorer 10.

In another Windows 8 related news, Microsoft has also announced they will be offering Windows Upgrade Offer program for consumers that purchased new (and eligible) Windows 7-based PC from 2nd June 2012 to 31st January 2013. Through this program, they are able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for around RM 48 (USD 14.99). As for existing Windows 7 users, Microsoft promised that there will be “other offers” for them in coming months.

While we will be discussing the Windows Upgrade Offer program on a separate post shortly, do check out to learn more about the new Windows 8 Release Preview as well as to download and install it (if you dare enough) into your PC.