80yo Woman Dies After Security Guard Poses As Doctor And Performs Botched Surgery

An 80-year-old woman passed away two weeks after surgery at Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. The plot twist? She was operated on by a former security guard who had been dismissed two years back.

It is said that the elderly woman went to the public hospital to get her back wound treated. There, Muhammad Waheed Butt posed as a doctor and operated on her. The woman’s family then paid the “doctor” a sum of money for the operation and two home visits for wound dressing.

However, the woman’s condition got worse and they brought her back to the hospital. It is there that they discovered that the impostor was actually a security guard who has been dismissed by the hospital two years back for extorting money from patients.

This is not the first time the guard has acted as a doctor as he had made home visits to other patients in the past.

An administrative official from the hospital said,

“We can’t keep up with what every doctor and what everyone is doing at all times. It’s a large hospital.”

The official added that they were unclear on what kind of surgery the imposter had done on the woman. An autopsy will be carried out to see if the death of the woman is linked to the botched surgery she had, reported DAWN.

This is certainly unsafe for everyone involved. When you seek out medical advice, always remember to refer to reputable and trustable sources!