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POLITIKAzizan Threatens In An Islamic Manner?

Azizan Threatens In An Islamic Manner?

azizan_abdul_razak_mb_kedah_pas_gagalIt definitely got us shocked when Kedah Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak threatened Central Government to pay RM100 million each year to the state as compensation if they want his side to stop logging. It seems like the Chief Minister is really out of ideas to generate his state’s income.

Even if you’re running out of ideas, why act stupid?

Back then Azizan kept on criticizing Barisan Nasional’s leadership, saying that it was stupid and corrupt, but after being given the chance to rule, he became stupid. Only now, Azizan knows that leading a state requires more than a degree and criticisms.

Azizan did not just blackmailed the central government, he even threatened Penang. That is why Penang refuse to play along with Azizan’s dream to charge them for their water supply. So, Kedah exco, Phahrolrazi had made a threatening statement where Penang would suffer if they kept on ignoring Kedah’s demand.

Sadly, Penang still do not respond to anything.

So, with desperation, Azizan is willing to take the risk of destroying the nature and the only way for him to stop this madness is by making central government give RM100 million to Kedah.

The question is, until when would this threatening governance would last for Azizan?

Why did this never happen when BN was in power? Despite of the ‘coruption’, ‘idiocy’ and ‘cruelty’, BN still never expose rakyat to any risk.

What if the central government decides to threaten Azizan by asking him to justify where would the money go to ensure that the RM100 million would not just be gone just like that.

Or, the central government could ask Azizan to resiign from his post before giving Kedah the RM100 million.

Or, perhaps the central government could threaten Azizan to make an open statement and to apologize to people of Kedah as he does not know how to lead the state, before they give the money to Kedah.

Even though those possibilities might sound like a joke, the reality is quite worrying.

It is said that Kedah’s financial status is so low that all programs had to be suspended because the state government cannot cover the cost, especially fuel.

Why? Because the state’s budget depend solely on logging. Imagine, during BN’s era in Kedah, logging only generated RM8 million, but as PAS rule, the numbers went up to RM35 million in 2008, RM38 million in 2009 and RM53 million in 2010!

Now, tress are almost all gone, that they even clear out forest reserve and at the same time all subsidiaries suffer losses due to inefficiency, lack of transparency and ignorance.

It is also said that the state Financial Officer, Dato’ Haji Puat, Azizan’s cousin, who has been there since BN’s era, is beginning to give up for not getting any cooperation from Azizan.

What would happen to Kedah?

The fate of Kedah remain unknown because it depends on people of Kedah as GE13 draws closer.

However, what is certain, Azizan do not have the rights to post any threat to anyone. Instead, this would be the perfect time for him to surrender.



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