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DAP and PKR are now splitting hairs and probably would part ways as the verbal spat and ‘back stabbing’ continue to highten on several issues but most importantly is the assumption that PKR wants to be the dominant dforce in the unregistered opposition alliance.

In Penang, it is crystal clear that the Malays in PKR are dissatisfied against DAP’s Lim Guan Eng leadership that they consider ‘dictatorial and overly Chinese’ and ‘pasang spy’ or planting spies in PKR.

Some said this would give Guan Eng the information of whats going on in Penang and he can strengthen his position among the Chinese in PKR.

This was how the state Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mansor Othman got played out and the revealations that PKR does not trust Guan Eng and suspecting the latter trying to take away few seats from PKR.

While the distrust in Penang gets deeper, in Selangor DAP gets ‘really mad’ when PKR deputy president Azmin Ali made a statement that present MB Khalid Ibrahim might be replaced after the general election.

Azmin’s statement fell short of saying he would replace Khalid, which position he has been eyeing since after the 2008 general election.

Given the scenario, DAP and PKR are really experiencing ‘bad ties’ and even if the top leaders of both parties would put up the front of being united, the supporters and members of both parties are not together in mind.

They may be together on the streets demonstrating against the government and the ruling BN but when come general eletcion, they will be fighting each other for support, that is the truth.

PKR may field ‘independent candidates’ in seats contested by DAP to make sure that DAP will not outnumber them when the results are out because as reflected by Mansor’s words in the meeting which minutes were leaked, DAP is getting arrogant and corky.

In reality, Mansor was just voicing out Anwar Ibrahim’s concern, not actually Mansor’s own views and mind because that’s how Anwar operates, he would not open his mouth but relays his message and let the stooges, in this case Mansor, to say it out loud.

And in Selangor, it was not Azmin’s own views and opinion on Khalid but in reality Anwar’s opinions as Anwar had wanted to change Khalid long ago but he has not got the chance.

In short, what DAP and PAS are actually against is not Azmin or PKR but it is Anwar they are after, the man behind the scene.

It is Anwar’s game all along and DAP and PAS top leadership know but they do not want to rock the ship…they just do not want to add fuel to the already burned ship.

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