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Anwar, Karpal, Claim Mat Taib Filled With Scandals -

Anwar, Karpal, Claim Mat Taib Filled With Scandals -


It seems like mat Taib’s path to ‘repent’ by jumping into PAS is not as easy as he thought. Despite of the warm welcome from PAS, his membership isn’t really welcomed by Opposition Leader and questioned by Karpal Singh.

According to Karpal, the Selangor Chief Minister do not deserve to join PAS or even be in Pakatan Rakyat due to his bad record. He also criticized Mat Taib for joining PAS, only because he did not get what he want.

Anwar in the other hand, in one of his ceramah, in Felda Lepar Hilir 1 yesterday, said that he was one of those who asked Mat Taib to resign in UMNO back then for not being clean. However, he stopped straight away once some reminded him that Mat Taib joined PAS.

Whatever it is, Mat Taib is lucky because PAS still accept him.

We are certain that PAS knew people like Mat Taib is right where he belong, in PAS and PR.

This is because, if PR has to reject Mat Taib, they would first have to reject Kadir Sheikr Fadzir, and even Anwar Ibrahim, as these two are known to be the ones who are most corrupted in Malaysian political history. Even Anwar has a special title ‘Father of political money’ in UMNO.

Anwar was sacked from UMNO because of his sodomy scandal and corruption. Perhaps Karpal Singh has forgotten that he did ask Anwar to repent. And until now Anwar still haven’t repent because he has not joined PAS. But, why would Karpal still accept Anwar as the future Prime Minister?

That is why PAS do not mind accepting Mat Taib because he is just an amateur in terms of scandal to be compared to PR’s future Prime Minister. Besides, PAS can ‘clean up’ anyone who enters the party, even Mustafa Ali.

Once in PAS, they can do anything they want and it would still be clean…as long as it does not offend DAP. If that happens, they will definitely turn bad and kicked out like Hasan Ali.

In an angle, we see Karpal and Anwar’s actions criticizing Mat Taib as them making fun of PAS. At the same time, PAS’ action in accepting Mat Taib seem offensive towards Anwar.

PAS, PKR, DAP, Anwar, Karpal and Mat Taib should not question one another and they should accept the fact that they are a single entity. Any mistake can affect the whole coalition.

Then again, isn’t that what PR is? UMNO’s trash can.


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