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Maybe there are people who say that to challenge Anwar to answer the existence of 20 mystery bank accounts with hundreds of millions of ringgit is a waste of time. It is said that Anwar’s financial standings does not have anything to do with the country or its people. In fact they say that it is all a lie to bad name Anwar and his family.

Yes, to ask a person how much he or she has on their bank accounts are not relevant. But, we have to remember that Anwar is not just another tom, dick and harry, he is the Opposition Leader of Malaysia and his job is to slander the government and the leaders of this nation. He is keen on saying that the leaders of this country are wealthy and corrupted.

Anwar loves to show the world that he live a modest life where his wife and children’s are shown only wearing modest clothing without any accessories when they attend big events.
With that, his supporters always compare Anwar Ibrahim with the families of UMNO leaders and create a perception that UMNO leaders are spendthrift and abuse the money of the people.

But then again, Anwar’s supporters seems to forget from where did he get the funding to appoint an army of lawyers to defend him in all of his court cases all this while. Plus, one of the lawyers he appointed were the one who accuse him of sodomy but now changed sides and defended him. Just imagine the irony! How many millions does it takes to change a man to jump ship like that?

As far as we know, Anwar paid the lawyer the amount of RM 50 million. Not only his legal fees are astounding, his way of life is also something to ponder about. He lives a lavish life that even the leader of this country could not afford. We all know how Anwar goes in and out of the country, stay in luxury hotels with accommodation fees up to thousands of ringgit per night. He also has at least 7 personal bodyguards. Not forgetting his driver and personal assistants for him and his families.

The problem is, Anwar is not a corporate leader or a business tycoon that has that kind of money. He is also not the Leader of the country that is eligible to have all the necessities and it will be paid by the government.

Thus, JMM’s pressure so that Anwar will allow his account to be exposed is a must. JMM do not want to hassle Anwar and they are willing to follow anywhere Anwar will go as long as he is willing to sign the release form from the Bank Negara to allow that his account to be exposed.

Sadly, Anwar is still keeping his mouth shut. Seems that Anwar is not interested to look into this matter, and all of his supporters refuse to listen to any facts given by JMM or any other party in this particular issue.

Maybe, for Anwar supporters, only BN leaders have to show their accounts to the public and not Pakatan Rakyat leaders as they can receive any funding from any source. If Anwar Ibrahim’s money came from the dark alley or from the blood of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan they will not care at all. Because of that Anwar will keep quite because all of his supporters is a bunch of idiots who do not know they are being fooled by Anwar Ibrahim.

UTAMAENGLISHForeign Bank Account: Why Anwar refuse to defend himself?

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